Massage Techniques

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

A relaxing and restorative massage technique that relieves stress, boosts circulation, and eases muscle aches and pains.

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Deep Tissue Massage Technique

Deep Tissue Massage

Stronger pressure focuses on underlying muscle tension and knots. The perfect massage technique for muscle recovery.

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Prenatal Massage Technique

Prenatal Massage

Moms-to-be rely on this wellness-boosting, tension-relieving massage

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Sports Massage Technique

Sports Massage

Combining deep tissue and assisted stretching, this is a great healing massage technique for anyone.

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Swedish Massage

Sleep Massage

Choose this massage therapy type for a better night's sleep. Research shows that a sleep massage can help you sleep better and treat insomnia.

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Single, Couples, & Back-to-Back Massages

All massage techniques are available in single, back-to-back, and couples massage sessions.

single massage in any massage technique

Single Massage

A massage for one. Book for yourself or someone else.

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Couples massage in any massage technique

Couples Massage

A massage for two people with two massage therapists at the same time and place.

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Back to back massage in any massage technique

Back-to-Back Massages

A Massage Therapist can massage two or more people, one after the other.

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Zeel Chair Massage

Up your corporate perks with in-office chair massages, in-office table massages, and discounted gift cards for at-home massages.

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in-office chair massage - corporate wellness work perks

Same day, in-home massage. Instant Relaxation.