Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Program

Up your corporate perks with Zeel’s in-office chair massages, in-office table massages, and discounted gift cards for in-home massages.

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The Benefits

Massage is a great company perk and makes employees happy.

Wellness for desk warriors. Massage eases chronic neck and back pain.

Raises employee mood, morale, and energy level.

In-Office Massages

  • You choose the time, place, length of massage (typically 10-20 minutes per person), and type of massage: chair massage or table massage.
  • Massage therapists massage the neck, back, and arms.
  • Zeel can arrange in-office chair massage and table massage events with less than 24 hours’ notice. Traditional massage companies typically require a week or more.
  • Tell Zeel how many people will want a massage and we help you estimate how many therapists and hours will be required.
  • Massage therapists, who are all licensed and fully vetted by the Zeel team, travel to your workplace with massage chairs, massage tables, and other equipment.
  • No special preparation or clothing removal is necessary.
  • You choose the frequency from a one-time company treat, to a regular monthly or weekly employee perk.
  • Employees can easily self-schedule their massage on the Zeel app or No confusing spreadsheets are required. It's efficient - and means employees don't waste time on line.

Employees can use their FSA/HSA dollars

to purchase massages from Zeel.

FSA/HSA dollars can be used for a long list of health-related items, including massage. A primary physician can prescribe massage for a variety of physical and mental ailments, including stress, arthritis, back pain, depression, carpal tunnel, diabetes, and more.

FSA/HSA funds can be used for massage if you have a diagnosis for a physical condition that benefits from massage therapy. Contact your primary physician for an assessment.

If massage would be medically helpful for you, you will receive a prescription for massage.

You can now use your FSA/HSA dollars to pay for massage. Make sure to indicate your specific condition in the app while booking. After your massage, save the emailed receipt for reimbursement, and tax purposes.

Zeel Gift Cards

Purchase Zeel in-home table massage gift certificates for client gifts, office giveaways, or staff appreciation. The lucky recipient can redeem the massage online through or on the Zeel app for iPhone and Android.

“We've used Zeel since they first arrived in SF. One of the best in-office perks ever! Our employees love the chair massages.”

Dave S.


“I'm confident I'm speaking for everyone when I say Massage Day was a home run!”

Adam S.,

Bounce Exchange

“Everything was amazing! Very seamless. Thank you so much for all your help with this. I would have never been able to have chair massages at all the multiple locations.”

Andrew G.


Want to be the office hero?

There's nothing like a massage break to boost productivity in the workplace.