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About Non-Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing

One important factor in choosing a laser is its wavelength. The longer the wavelength, the deeper into the skin the laser penetrates. Lasers that bypass the surface of the skin are known as non-ablative.

Non-ablative lasers can affect blemishes and cosmetic issues beneath the surface of the skin, like scars and veins. Additionally, non-ablative lasers are less painful, because the nerves on the top layer of the skin are not affected.

Non-ablative laser brands, and what they treat:

  • CoolTouch - typically used for acne scars and redness
  • SmoothBeam - used for collagen growth (plumping up crow's feet and lip wrinkles, for example
  • Fraxel re:fine and re:store - non-ablative erbium lasers used for treatment of age spots, uneven skin, acne scars and other skin concerns
  • Pulsed dye laser: Photonics NLite (585 nm)- used to treat red pigmented growths and marks, like vascular birthmarks and tattoos
  • Long wavelength Nd:YAG laser (1320 nm) - good for laser hair removal and collagen growth
  • Alex Trivantage (alexandrite) by Candela- primarily used for tattoo removal, particularly green ink

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