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About LED Skin Treatment

You've probably already noticed light emitting diodes (LEDs) illuminating your car's dashboard, but LEDs have an important role in cosmetics too. LEDs are a good treatment for acne and pigment problems. They are nonlaser systems that penetrate the skin with low-intensity light energy.

LEDs are non-ablative, meaning they leave the surface of the skin unharmed while increasing collagen production in the underlying tissues. The result is thicker, smoother, and more evenly-toned skin. LEDs are often combined with a photosensitizing drug to enhance the strength of the light energy.

Popular LEDs on the market are the GentleWaves, LumiPhase-R, and Omnilux systems, each which projects a different spectrum of light and different wavelengths beneath the skin. Some systems deliver the light in constant streams; while others deliver it in fragmented pulses.

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