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Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercise methods were developed by Juliu Horvath, a Hungarian dancer who spent many years as a principal dancer for the Romanian State Opera, and then later on, for the New York City Opera and the Houston Ballet.

After sustaining a career-ending injury, Horvath turned to Yoga, developing a system called "Yoga for Dancers." These yoga inspired movements, which are performed on a mat, are what have come to be known as Gyrokinesis methodology.

Horvath established his first studio in 1984 in New York City. During this time, Horvath introduced several pieces of equipment to add resistance to the workout. He dubbed the advanced exercise modality the Gyrotonic Expansion System®—a series of movements that draw upon yoga, dancing, swimming, and even Tai Chi.

These exercises were designed to build strength, flexibility, and coordination. The name of the company that Horvath established is called the Gyrotonic Sales Corp.

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