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About Facial Rejuvenation (Acupuncture)

Cosmetic acupuncture is a non-surgical procedure that aims to improve the overall quality, tone and health of its recipient's complexion. Beyond the elimination or softening of fine lines and deep wrinkles, the gentle facial treatment also stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin, improves circulation and enhances the overall appearance of the skin.

There are several different kinds of acupuncture that can be used to refresh and renew facial skin. Some draw on Mei Zen, the "acupuncture facelift" first described in the Su Wen, an ancient Chinese medical text. Others refer to the AcuFacial®, a non-surgical approach coined by Shellie Goldstein and touted by media outlets worldwide, from Town and Country Travel to Elle Italia. Yet another is the PanG nonsurgical facelift, a series of treatments that utilize electronic current to improve the skin's condition.

Cosmetic acupuncture is considered an effective, drug-free approach to skincare and can improve muscle tone on the face and neck and also address imbalances that may contribute to the aging process. It relies on a mechanism called microtrauma, where needles are inserted along various points of the skin in order to facilitate the formation of collagen and elastin. Some practitioners use microcurrents to stimulate facial nerves and tone underlying muscles. Although many practitioners explain that the safe, quantifiable procedure is not necessarily an "alternative" to more invasive forms of skin tightening, regular sessions can nevertheless produce measurable results.

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