Why Massage Might Be The Natural Fibromyalgia Treatment You’re Looking For
Nov 12, 2018

Why Massage Might Be The Natural Fibromyalgia Treatment You’re Looking For

Fibromyalgia is one of the most misunderstood disorders in medicine today, and holistic fibromyalgia treatments like massage are widely underutilized. Read on to learn about how massage can be integrated into your fibromyalgia treatment plan.

Massage for fibromyalgia
Nov 12, 2018

The True Cost Of The Cubicle: Massage For Tech Neck And Carpal Tunnel

Hunching over a screen in your cubicle all day can give you a serious neck ache, but using massage as a preventative measure can help you avoid it spiraling into chronic issues like “tech neck” or carpal tunnel syndrome.

how to get a gift for the person who has everything
Nov 5, 2018

4 Unique Gift Ideas For The Person Who Already Has Everything

You love your friends and family and want to show them you care, but you don’t want to give them something they don’t want (or need). So what exactly do you give to the person who has everything already?

energy balls
Nov 5, 2018

RECIPE: Energy Balls with Apples and Spices

These energy balls are easy to make and ready in no time. Loaded with yummy organic apple sauce and a variety of spices, our energy balls are perfect for snacking. Kids and adults alike will love these energy balls. Store in the fridge in a baggy or container then grab when you’re on-the-go and ready to snack.

how to deal with plantar fasciitis
Nov 5, 2018

These 3 Tricks Could Fix Your Plantar Fasciitis

If you’ve been experiencing sharp pain in the heel or arch and you’ve been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, there are natural solutions you can try at home. Today we’re going over three of the best solutions in detail.

stay healthy by exercising
Oct 29, 2018

Research: Exercising Is The Pillar Of Good Health

The results of an 18-year study are in, and they’re more timely than ever. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that physical fitness indicates lifespan… even more than smoking and diabetes.

baby massage
Oct 29, 2018

Baby Massage Techniques To Relieve Colic At Home Naturally

Infant massage is gaining new popularity in recent years as a remedy for everything from infant colic to newborn sleep struggles. This one massage technique, in particular, could totally change your relationship with your baby.

scalp massage
Oct 29, 2018

If You Want To Regrow & Thicken Hair, You Need Scalp Massage

Ever wondered how to regrow that pesky receding hairline, or thicken your fine hair? Scalp massage may be able to not only thicken but also regrow your hair. Read on to learn how it works.

turning living room into a spa
Oct 24, 2018

DIY: Creating A 5 Star Spa In Your Living Room

Zeel’s guidelines to maximizing the power of taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell to transform your personal space into a dream spa environment.