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4 Mistakes to Avoid Before Running a Marathon
4 Mistakes to Avoid Before Running a Marathon

To some, there is nothing more frightening than the very thought of running a marathon.…

Lower cortisol naturally to protect your wellness and your waistline
Lower Cortisol Naturally to Protect Your Wellness and Your Waistline: Part 2

You may have heard a thing or two about the “stress hormone” cortisol. This hormone…

How to Incorporate Massage Into Your Athletic Training and Recovery Plan
How to Incorporate Massage Into Your Marathon Training Plan

You’ve got the best running shoes, your time’s improving, and the marathon is approaching. What else is there? Read about the benefits of massage for runner and you will never go back to training without regular massage sessions.

How Massage Can Help You Survive the Winter
Massage: Your Secret Weapon for Surviving the Winter

What’s the hardest part of winter for you? Cold air and short days giving you…

A woman stretching and doing yoga to alleviate her back pain.
VIDEO: Restorative Yoga to Alleviate Back Pain

It’s been suggested that Homo sapiens are doomed to inevitable back pain, due to the…

A person meditating outside under the stars as the practice mindfulness techniques.
VIDEO: Cultivating Creativity Through Mindfulness

Stuck in a creative rut? Mindfulness is not only useful for stress reduction, but can…

A man standing and holding his lower back to fix the discomfort he's feeling from his poor posture.
VIDEO: Keep Your Body in Perfect Alignment with Posture Corrector Exercises

Sustaining good posture is not only essential for spinal health—it allows sufficient oxygen to reach…

A person standing outside and stretching their leg to imp their circulation while exercising.
VIDEO: Simple Stretches To Improve Your Circulation

With healthy circulation, the body can efficiently provide nutrients and oxygen throughout the body and…

A man getting his shoulder massaged to help ease the pain from he's experiencing from frozen shoulder.
Frozen Out: What is Frozen Shoulder, and How Do You Fix It?

Written by Patricia Sheahan For Georgina Bergis, it started gradually. “I had a sore neck…