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VIDEO: Cultivating Creativity Through Mindfulness

VIDEO: Cultivating Creativity Through Mindfulness

A person meditating outside under the stars as the practice mindfulness techniques.

Stuck in a creative rut? Mindfulness is not only useful for stress reduction, but can help open up your mind and enhance creativity. By eliminating negative thoughts or judgements, mindfulness can help bring fresh ideas into your mind so you can achieve greater results. In this 30 minute mindfulness session, you’ll be able to calm your thoughts, generate new ideas, and work your way towards problem solving.

Cristina Gustaitis is a dancer, choreographer, and teaching artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Cristina began her formal training with the Pre-College Indiana University Ballet Theatre in Bloomington, Indiana. She graduated, summa cum laude, with a BS in Dance Performance from Ball State University in 2011 and has since had the opportunity to perform and teach in Italy, France and Sweden as well as throughout the Midwest and East coast. Outside of her work as a teaching artist, Cristina is an ACE certified personal trainer with a pre & post-natal focus.

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