national relaxation day
Aug 14, 2018

5 Ways to Celebrate National Relaxation Day 2018

Happy National Relaxation Day! We all know we need more than one day a year to relax, but hey – we’ll take today and relax as much as possible. Even if you aren’t able to participate in National Relaxation Day on the actual day. These helpful (and relaxing) activity ideas are sure to help you wind down.

summer treats berry popsicle
Aug 9, 2018

10 Summer Treats to Keep Off the Heat

These refreshing summer treats are sure to help you cool off during the hot summer months! Cool off with an iced Moscow Mule or delicious summer berry popsicle. After you’ve cooled down with one of these summer treats, book a Zeel massage for that extra bit of relaxation. You deserve it.

Aug 9, 2018

5 Beautiful Places to Get a Massage This Summer

There are so many beautiful places around the country to get a massage. What makes summer so special for us at Zeel is the fact that we can bring wellness and relaxation to you in your outdoor space or at your hotel when you’re in the thick of your summer traveling. You don’t have to be at home to enjoy a Zeel massage.

national watermelon day
Aug 3, 2018

National Watermelon Day: 5 Drinks Perfect For Celebrating

Happy National Watermelon Day! There are thousands of recipes that include this healthy and vitamin-packed fruit, but we’re focusing on the watermelon beverage category. More specifically, refreshing drinks to help pull us through the last bit of these sweltering summer months.

Zeel massage therapist journey
Aug 2, 2018

How To Make More Money With A Flexible Schedule: Lucy’s Massage Therapist Journey

Curious what it’s like to work for Zeel? Learn how Lucy, a massage therapist, used the Zeel app to grow her income, make great client relationships, and have more time to do things she loves.

Wellness Initiatives: Finding the Perfect Perks to Meet Your Team’s Needs
Jul 31, 2018

Wellness Initiatives: Finding the Perfect Perks to Meet Your Team’s Needs

Gauge your employees’ interest in wellness perks, and learn some options for wellness benefits that your company can start today.

chair massage is the best employee benefit
Jul 31, 2018

Chair Massage: The Holy Grail of Employee Benefits

Chair massage is the ultimate employee benefit. It’s cost-effective, easy to arrange and doesn’t require a lot of space. Plus, employees love it.

national avocado day
Jul 31, 2018

5 Ways to Eat Avocados on National Avocado Day

Happy National Avocado Day! This healthy fruit is packed with vitamins and monounsaturated fat which can be good for your health. Try out these five ways to enjoy the yummy fruit on National Avocado Day.

Jul 30, 2018

Summer Friday Chair Massages With Zeel

Summer Friday chair massages are the perfect way to help your team de-stress during the hot summer months. Bring a Zeel chair massage event to your office for a day of relaxation and recharging.