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How Massage Supports Immunity and Health
How Massage Boosts Immunity to Keep You Healthy and Strong

Research indicates that massage can offer a powerful defense against the many things that conspire to make…

How massage promotes mental health
Massage: The Natural Solution for Mental Health

Did you know that massage has terrific effects for your mental health? It alleviates depression, soothes anxiety, improves concentration, increases energy, and helps insomnia.

Benefits of Strength and Weight Training for Overall Health
10 Essential Benefits of Strength Training (Even if You’re Not Trying to Bulk Up)

Scientifically speaking, strength, weight, or resistance training are physical exercises  designed to improve the strength…

An athlete using the Hypervolt 2 percussion massage device by Hyperice to help them with their home recovery after training.
Your Complete How-To Guide for the Most Popular Home Recovery Tools

The Hyperice suite of products are designed to provide everything you need for relieving tension,…

How to Use the Hypervolt Plus by Hyperice to help with pain.
Target Your Pain Points Effectively with the Hypervolt

The Hypervolt by Hyperice is a game-changing tool for relieving pain, accelerating warmup and recovery,…

A woman working out on her stationary bicycle after finishing her stretches.
VIDEO: Essential Pre/Post-Ride Stretches for Cyclists

As thrilling as a great bike ride can be (even on a bike that doesn’t…

A man receiving a sports massage.
Sports Massage: Performance Recovery for Amateur, Pro, and Everyone in Between

While sports massage is essential for performance sports, it isn’t just for athletes. Anyone with…

A provider in the helping a patient iduring their medical massage before writing her SOAP notes.
Clinical Documentation & SOAP Notes: What it Means and Why it Matters

For providers taking appointments that are covered by patients’ insurance—such as medical massage or physical…

Kids playing on a woman's desk while she's working and thinking about incorporating a workout into her routine.
No Time to Work Out? Start Small – and Don’t Beat Yourself Up

For the millions of people who’ve seen self-care habits fall way by the wayside in…