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Two people bumping elbows while wearing PPE to safely greet each other during the pandemic.
How to Test PPE to Confirm it Meets the Highest Safety Standards

Using personal protective equipment (otherwise known as PPE) has become a fact of life for…

A woman wearing personal protective equipmentduring the COVID-19 pandemic.
How to Test if PPE Meets Zeel Shield Standards

Using personal protective equipment (otherwise known as PPE) has become a fact of life for…

Woman with neck and shoulder pain
4 Ways Massage Can Help Your Neck Pain

Is massage the solution for your neck pain? Learn the facts and find out how to get the best massage for your neck pain, shoulder pain, and any pinched nerves.

A woan tying up her tennis shoes before running a marathon.
4 Mistakes to Avoid Before Running a Marathon

To some, there is nothing more frightening than the very thought of running a marathon.…

A female runner stretching before her race.
The Best Massages for Runners and When to Get Them

Whether you’re training for an event or just love the rush of the road, massage…

massage alleviates winter blues
Massage: Your Secret Weapon for Surviving the Winter

What’s the hardest part of winter for you? Cold air and short days giving you…

Summer Friday Chair Massages With Zeel

Summer Friday chair massages are the perfect way to help your team de-stress during the hot summer months. Bring a Zeel chair massage event to your office for a day of relaxation and recharging.

Top 5 Pre & Post Massage Foods | Zeel

Curious how to make the most out of your next massage? Tracy Lockwood, registered dietitian-nutritionist, outlines the top 5 summer foods that will help enhance the benefits of your next massage. Who knew blueberries and deep tissue massage were such a perfect pair!

Zeel in Cleveland
Zeel Now Delivers In-Home Massages in Cleveland, OH

Are you searching for a nearby massage in Cleveland, Ohio? Avoid rushing and getting stuck in traffic. Order a Zeel massage and get a spa-quality wellness experience delivered straight to your doorsteps. It’s safe and affordable!