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A woman rubbing her hand due to pain from her carpal tunnel syndrome.
VIDEO: Typing Troubles? Try These Everyday Stretches for Your Hands and Wrists

Working at a computer all day can cause a major strain on your hands and…

Breathing exercises for every part of your day
VIDEO: Morning, Noon and Night Breathing

Life moves pretty fast, making us feel anxious or stressed, and we often don’t take…

A man holding his neck in pain from lack of stretching while driving.
VIDEO: Traveling by Car? Unscrunch Yourself With These Stretches for Post-Drive Realignment

If you spend much time in the car—on the regular or on a road trip—chances…

A close-up of the leaves of a green plant.
VIDEO: Venus Williams & Alison Harmelin Talk Entrepreneurship During Covid-19

Recently, Zeel Co-founder Alison Harmelin sat down with tennis legend Venus Williams for an exclusive…

Two people bumping elbows while wearing PPE to safely greet each other during the pandemic.
How to Test PPE to Confirm it Meets the Highest Safety Standards

Using personal protective equipment (otherwise known as PPE) has become a fact of life for…

A woman wearing personal protective equipmentduring the COVID-19 pandemic.
How to Test if PPE Meets Zeel Shield Standards

Using personal protective equipment (otherwise known as PPE) has become a fact of life for…

Woman with neck and shoulder pain
4 Ways Massage Can Help Your Neck Pain

Is massage the solution for your neck pain? Learn the facts and find out how to get the best massage for your neck pain, shoulder pain, and any pinched nerves.

A female runner stretching before her race.
The Best Massages for Runners and When to Get Them

Whether you’re training for an event or just love the rush of the road, massage…

Summer Friday Chair Massages With Zeel

Summer Friday chair massages are the perfect way to help your team de-stress during the hot summer months. Bring a Zeel chair massage event to your office for a day of relaxation and recharging.