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VIDEO: Simple Stretches To Improve Your Circulation

VIDEO: Simple Stretches To Improve Your Circulation

A person standing outside and stretching their leg to imp their circulation while exercising.

With healthy circulation, the body can efficiently provide nutrients and oxygen throughout the body and flush waste from muscles, tendons, and soft tissue. If you’ve been sitting for an extended period—or even standing for a long time—you may notice a cold feeling in your hands, legs, or feet. This is a sign that your veins have narrowed, reducing blood flow to your extremities. Poor circulation can cause tingling, numbness, or cramping that can be especially bothersome during or after a workout routine.

This stretch routine with Cecilia is designed to promote healthy blood flow, reduce muscle cramping and reduce recovery time.

Cecilia is a contemporary dancer/aerialist turned health and wellness professional (ACE CPT, GFI, RYT 200). She has over 25 years of training in a wide variety of movement styles. Cecilia’s classes focus on discovering alignment, elongating the spine, working through the body as an integrative whole, and finding movement efficiency through the recruitment of smaller muscles.

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