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About Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is something like the entry level version of cosmetic dental procedures. It is designed to improve the appearance of teeth but requires no anesthesia or major preparation. During a typical bonding procedure, the teeth are examined and cleaned. The dentist will then slightly etch the surface enamel of the tooth or teeth to be bonded.

A conditioning liquid, which allows the bonding material to better adhere, is applied. Then the bonding material, a composite resin that resembles putty, is applied to the teeth. The composite resin may be a shade that matches the teeth, or it may be whiter for a cosmetic effect. The resin is then hardened by an ultraviolet light.

After the resin has hardened, the dentist will trim the bonding material and polish the tooth so that it matches the other teeth. Voila, dental bonding. Dental bonding may be used on one tooth or many teeth.

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