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Booking Massage* for Employee Appreciation – How to Do It, and Why

Booking Massage* for Employee Appreciation – How to Do It, and Why

Chair Massage Employee Appreciation

(*and wellness services)

If you’re a people manager of any stripe, and if you like to read (which we assume you do, you’re reading this blog),  you’ve likely researched how to appreciate and engage employees. And if you’re here, we’re going to assume that you’re leaning toward choosing massage in your office as a monthly employee benefit, or to book office massage for a one-day celebration. Good choice.

Don’t feel like reading all this?  Book chair massage for work, from Zeel. 

Why is massage at work a good choice?

  • Massage is one of those rare perks that employees love—and that’s also part of any good office wellness routine
  • Massage reduces anxiety and stress and improves mood 
  • Massage boosts the immune system (for all those office germs)
  • Massage raises serotonin levels. Serotonin = happiness hormone = happier employees = employees feel appreciated

How does this Zeel@Work massage, well, work?

Just need a one-time session on Employee Appreciation Day? Get a quote online and book office chair massage quickly. For best results, make your request 48 hours in advance, though in some locations we can fulfill as little as 6 hours in advance.  Want a chair massage session every month for a thousand employees or more? We can do that too.

Where is Zeel?

Zeel serves over 100 metro areas in the United States (that includes outlying suburbs as well as the city proper). More likely than not, we’re in your area. You can check the official locations list here.

Why Zeel? 

Zeel has been the leader in massage on-demand since 2012.

  • Therapists bring chairs and supplies.
  • The therapists who accept your requests on Zeel are experienced, licensed, and highly-rated.
  • Your employees schedule their massages on our tech platform themselves.
  • Tip is included, so you never have to worry.
  • We have a fantastic customer service team, so you’ll always be supported during those chair massage bookings. 

How much is chair massage at the office from Zeel? 

At Zeel, we combine quality and convenience. (Well, and massage.) Our standard rate per hour of chair massage is $99, and that massage price includes tip. Your employees do not need to tip the therapist. There will be no awkward fishbowl with a few dollars resting next to the therapist’s chair. (In a few locations in the United States, massage is taxed, so the price may include tax if you’re lucky enough to live in such a location.)

How many massages do I get an hour?

The standard massage slot is 12 minutes. That includes 10 minutes of hands-on time and a minute of set-up and tidying. So figure on 5 massages an hour per therapist. You can make those massages longer if you wish, and then there will be fewer per hour.

Can I book other wellness services for the office with Zeel?

Absolutely. You can design an office wellness program package that includes your choice of assisted stretch, yoga, and mindfulness. Contact our team to get started.

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