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The Best Standing Desks for Administrative Professionals – or Any Kind of Professional

The Best Standing Desks for Administrative Professionals – or Any Kind of Professional

Best Standing Desks for Administrative Professionals Day

Your administrative and office support teams work hard. If you’re looking for a gift to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day on April 24 – one that will genuinely help your admin feel better every day – consider giving your devoted employee a choice of the best standing desks.

Using a standing desk (also called a stand-up desk) provides many benefits, and there are lots of options to fit every preference and budget.

Benefits of a Standing Workstation

  • It helps posture and overall health. Studies have shown that sitting all day at the office is killing us, and many experts believe that the best way to combat this is by standing up and moving around more often. Not only can regular movement help your posture, it can also lower your risk of obesity and diabetes, and help you live longer, according to research.
  • It keeps you on your toes. Literally. Executive assistants are champion multi-taskers. Having the option to stand up when working can keep them more alert and powering through any task that comes their way – especially during the 3 o’clock productivity slump.
  • It encourages positive work culture. We’ve all had the jam-packed, eat-lunch-at-your-desk kind of days. With a standing desk, your administrative professional is more likely to leave their workstation to grab lunch with colleagues, which has many benefits including improving employee happiness and retention.

All things considered, it’s a no-brainer to consider a standing desk to reward your admin professionals (or anyone on your team, for that matter). But with so many options, which one do you choose?

Some people splurge for the full height-adjustable desks, while others opt to create their own DIY stand-up stations. Still others find a middle ground “kit” the most effective – a sit-stand unit that sits atop your regular desk.

Here are six recommendations for standing desks.

The Best Standing Desks (and Desk Converters) for Every Budget


FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter (On sale! $99–$149)

This hybrid workstation allows you to decide when you want to sit or stand – all you have to do is squeeze the handle on the side while pulling it straight up or gently pushing it back down. The AlcoveRiser base model is conveniently compact for a desk converter, where other similar products can consume quite a bit of square—and cubic—feet. It also comes in a variety of sizes and finishes, offering impressive options for this mid-budget choice. Perfect for working folks who want to try a standing workstation but still want the option of sitting.

Varidesk Standing Desktop Station


VariDesk Pro Plus 36 Adjustable Desk Converter ($319)

The VariDesk is like the luxury SUV version of the AlcoveRiser listed above. It offers 11 adjustable height levels, a larger keyboard/writing area, and a 35 lb. weight limit to accommodate all sorts of multi-screen setups. It also features an outward adjustment motion that pulls up and toward you, rather than straight up like the AlcoveRiser. This allows enough space to tuck your chair underneath the desk when it’s in the raised position, instead of pushing it off to the side, but could be challenging if in a small workspace. Another extra benefit of the VariDesk is a model with a higher 40″ extension for taller folks who find standard desk risers to be a little too low.

Note that the VariDesk is that it is quite heavy at ~50 lbs. If your workspace serves a dual function (say, a dining room or shared den) and you want to be able to move your desk converter around, or you’re simply a nomadic standing worker, this may not be the best choice for you.

For a side-by-side breakdown of AlcoveRiser vs. Varidesk, check out this video.

DeskStand Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter


DeskStand Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Kit ($179)

For the Scandinavian design lovers, or anyone who’s just turned off by the imposing visual of desk converters like the VariDesk, this sleek birch stand will blend beautifully into a well-designed workspace. The kit comes with two shelves that can slide effortlessly into ten different slots to find your perfect combination of heights. Each shelf is 16.5″ wide and can hold up to 35 lbs. of weight, making it suitable for one large or two moderately sized monitors, and both have handy slots along the back corners in which you can prop up a phone or tablet.


MOFT Z Invisible Sit-Stand Desk Converter ($59.99)

This smartly designed accessory is somewhere between a standing-desk converter and a laptop stand. It folds into several different height configurations in an origami-like fashion (which admittedly may take a few tries to memorize), which include a few standing heights, plus a riser height to simply elevate the laptop screen while seated. The best part is that the converter weighs less than a pound and folds down to the size of a magazine. That makes it compact enough to store on a bookshelf and a blessing for digital nomads and others who want a travel-friendly option.

Jarvis Bamboo Height Adjustable Standing Desk


Fully Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk ($815)

For those who are fully invested in a sit-stand workday (and can make an investment in their desk), Fully’s Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk appears regularly in “best standing desk” lists by trusted reviewers like the New York Times’ Wirecutter and It boasts a sleek and un-wobbly design and effortlessly transitions between sitting and standing heights at the push of a button, with programmable height presets. You can also add features like wheels and a power grommet to plug in chargers and other electronics. And of course, as evidenced by its Herman Miller distribution, it’s a no-brainer for design snobs.

Uplift Height Adjustable Standing Desk


UPLIFT V2 Laminate Standing Desk ($569)

This model is similar to the Jarvis above but boasts more options (and a bit less design cred). It features a programmable electronic keypad that stores up to four height settings, four desktop colors, and four keypad styles to choose from (in black or white). You can also add casters to make the desk movable and a foot switch for adjusting the height. It also has a generous 15-year warranty. Wirecutter notes that “if you’re under 5-foot-4, this desk likely won’t work for you if you don’t use a footrest.”

Whichever standing desk option you choose – a high-end, motorized model, a sit-stand desktop addition, or a minimalist conversion kit – we hope this curated list helps you select the best gift for your all-star admin…or yourself!

If you want to take office wellness to the next level (and help your team crush their daily 10,000 steps), throw in an under desk treadmill to transform their workstation into a walking desk!

While you’re rewarding your employees, check out our guide on 7 Ways to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week, and give Zeel a shout if you’re looking to set up a Corporate Wellness Program of your own.

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