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We Visited Good Day New York for Employee Appreciation Day

We Visited Good Day New York for Employee Appreciation Day

Zeel Visits Good Day New York for Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day has always been an important holiday and method of employee recognition here at Zeel. But it’s not every day that we get to display our on-demand wellness services on TV, including chair massage and our latest offering, assisted stretch. On March 5, that changed, as Zeel visited Good Day New York to talk about Employee Appreciation Day and wellness in the office. A massage therapist and a stretch professional displayed those services in action.

VIP Relationship Manager Jillian Sanders noted to hosts Rosanna Scotto and Lori Stokes that stress and burnout are epidemic in the average American workplace, accounting $300 billion in annual costs from decreased productivity due to absenteeism and increased healthcare costs. The solution: immune system-boosting, stress-relieving wellness from Zeel—both chair massage and assisted stretching. 

After the segment, stretch fitness model Shehryar, who serenely rested on the massage table receiving an assisted stretch, as Lori, Rosanna, and Jillian spoke, had this to say about his experience:

“Being a stretch model on Good Day New York was a really fun experience. I got to meet both the hosts of the show, Lori and Rosanna. I wasn’t miked, but my stretch pro Mat was. I was relaxed as I was getting stretched by Mat on live TV – he was really working my hamstrings. I’ve gotten assisted stretching before, and it’s really important  to work with a professional. A good stretch therapist can identify areas of tension and help prevent future injuries.”

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