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8 Creative Gifts for Professional Admin Day

8 Creative Gifts for Professional Admin Day

Admin Day 2018 gifts

As any manager and employer will tell you, professional administrators make the world go round. They are the ones who connect the dots, track progress and goals, and keep everything in your busy life organized and focused. And while you likely appreciate their hard work all throughout the year, Professional Administrator Day is the perfect time to show them how much you care.

From chocolates and massages to parties and perks, take a look at this list of options for admins in your life.

Surprise lunch

A classic way to show your appreciation is to organize a lunch during the workday. Take your admin somewhere nice to enjoy a meal together. And if they’re hourly, consider giving them a paid lunch. This can be a great time to check in on them and have a conversation. After all, they do so much to take care of you, so spend some time asking about their hopes and goals. Help them understand how important they are to the inner workings of the company.

Never enough chocolate

If the professional administrator in your life has a sweet tooth, shower them with chocolate this year. The Never Enough Chocolate Gift Set includes a wide variety of chocolates, including dark chocolate sauce, peanut butter chocolate sea salt protein bars, and Theo Chocolate Big Daddy Marshmallows (wow). This treasure trove of deliciousness could be the perfect gift for a professional administrator.

A corporate chair massage

A massage can be one of the best ways to relax and unwind, so bring the good vibes to your admin with an in-office chair massage. With Zeel, a licensed massage therapist will come to your place of business and provide any chairs, equipment or tables needed. And since it can be booked in less than 24 hours, a Zeel massage could also make the perfect last-minute gift.

A chair massage at work can help reduce neck and back pain, alleviate stress, and provide an overall sense of well-being. It can be a large component of your admin’s overall corporate health.


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If you really want to treat your professional administrator this year, give them a monthly membership to wellness with a Zeel massage membership. This way, they can get on-demand massages at a discounted price!

A day off work (with pay)

Time is a gift. If you can manage one day on your own, consider giving your admin a paid day away from the office. Let them go home, run errands, or have time in the day to get an in-home massage. Admins regularly focus on the needs of other people (including you!), so a day to just focus on themselves would be incredibly meaningful.

Time zone troubles

Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly common to do business in multiple time zones, both in the USA and across the world. If anyone has ever had to set up phone calls with long distance clients or vendors, they know how challenging scheduling meetings in different time zones can be. If the struggle is real for your professional admin, it’s high time you get them a World Timezone Clock. This could be the perfect addition to their desk, and you’re able to engrave their name and job title to personalize this gift.


Coming home to a clean house is such a relief. While our homes should be cleaned once every week, the average person often puts tidiness on the backburner, and this can cause the clutter and grime to quickly overtake the house. For this Professional Administrator’s Day, consider giving your admin the gift a clean home with services from Tidy or Maidpro. Not only does this gift eliminate chores for your admin, it will also help them relax when they get home from work. After all, a clean home is a happy home!


If your professional administrator has a green thumb, how about getting them an air plant terrarium kit this year. Gardening at any level has a variety of benefits, including stress relief, and this gift could be a great way to brighten up your admin’s workspace. If your admin is already a master gardener, consider something more challenging (and fun), such as an AeroGarden. Not only will this beautify the office, but it can also grow vegetables and herbs all year round!

Book it to the bookstore

Is your professional administrator a bookworm? If so, show that you care about their interests by taking them out for the afternoon to a local bookstore. Let them spend an hour scanning the shelves for the perfect book and then offer to buy it for them. This type of gift shows that you care about their interests, and it gives you time to interact with your admin on a one-on-one level (without talking about work). Ask them about their reading preferences and share your own.

Celebrate them

When prepping for Professional Administrator Day, make sure you consider your admin’s interests outside of the office. As a leader or manager, you’re likely used to an admin focusing on your schedule during the week. So take the time to think about what would make this day special for them. Celebrate them so they know how much they’re appreciated!

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