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A person reading a book with a cup of coffee at home.
Healthy Habits You Can Start Without Leaving Home

Instead of setting yourself up to fail with lofty resolutions in 2018, start with these simple habits. No excuses: you can start without leaving home.

Zeel's Back to School Guide for Keeping Your Wellness Routine this Fall
Your All-Inclusive Wellness Guide for Back to School Season

With back-to-school starting, life can get in the way of your wellness routine. Use these tips to achieve your goals and keep your health on track.

hotel massage
Are Spa Directors Ready for the Mobile-Centric Hotel Room?

The hospitality industry is quick to adopt new technologies to facilitate their guests’ demand for personalized, high-tech experience. Keep on reading to find out what Spa directors can do to ensure they are prepared for this new age.

6 Wellness Ideas Your Business Needs to Start Today
6 Wellness Ideas Your Business Needs to Start Today

Trying to promote a healthier office environment? Check out these creative wellness initiatives that will help you improve company culture and make summer in the office more fun.

Admin Day 2018 gifts
8 Creative Gifts for Professional Admin Day

Professional Admin Day is just around the corner! From chocolates and massages to parties and perks, take a look at this list of options for the admins in your life.

Teacher appreciation day 2018 gift ideas
Teacher Appreciation Day Gifts that Will Show Your Staff You Care

Teacher Appreciation Day is the perfect time to recognize educators for their hard work. We’ve prepared a list of thoughtful present ideas that will make your teachers feel extra special this year.

Woman sleeping in hotel room bed
How to Get More Sleep When You Travel for Work

Going on a business trip? Check out these tips for better sleep in strange hotel rooms or when traveling by plane.

Swimmer works out in a lake
A Guide to the Health Benefits of Swimming + Massage

Here’s a great combination that can help you exercise and stay fit: swimming, plus regular massage. While swimming is a relaxing hobby, it’s also a great form of exercise that can improve your joints and muscles without stress or the risk of injury, or re-injuring yourself during a workout.

Sneakers and barbell at gym
Now Work it Out: Tips for Gym Motivation

Consistent motivation is one of the biggest challenges for would-be workout practitioners. What do you do when you’re fresh out of workout mojo? To keep your January resolution fitness momentum going, prep your body and mind with these motivation tips today.