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9 Massage Fears to Conquer for Halloween

9 Massage Fears to Conquer for Halloween

conquering your massage fears with Zeel this Halloween

Massage is one of the best things in life (in our not-so-humble opinion). It’s healthy, it feels great, and it improves mental as well as physical well-being.

But we know that not everyone realizes that massage is a treat, not a trick. We sometimes field apprehensive questions from massage newbies, and we’re here to answer them. Here are 9 reasons why home service massage is a boo-tiful thing.

I don’t have enough space for the massage table.

Fear not, home service massage newbie. A massage table fits in a surprisingly small space, and is deployed in studio apartments and snug hotel rooms throughout all our service areas. A space 4 feet by 7 feet is sufficient.

I have cats or dogs.

Good news! According to the licensed massage therapists in Zeel’s nationwide network, a full 93% have absolutely no problem with your furry bundle of joy.

A strange person is coming to my house.

Every single massage therapist in the Zeel network is licensed and insured in their state of practice, and vetted in-person by the Zeel team. When you schedule your appointment through the app or online, we show you a photo and bio of your therapist, so you know exactly who they are. Book an in-home massage with full confidence.

I don’t know how much to tip.

We understand. That’s why we auto-add the tip at Zeel – a flat 18% gratuity, so you never have to have cash on hand or fret about tipping. Learn more about Zeel’s discounted pricing here.

I’m injured or out of shape.

This is a common concern, but do not worry. Experienced and licensed massage therapists have worked with a vast variety of people with all sorts of body shapes, ages, and physical conditions. Massage is for everybody.

I’ve never gotten a massage before and don’t know how to prepare.

You’re in luck. You really don’t have to do much in order to prepare for your first in-home massage. The massage therapist will do what’s called an “intake” – asking you a few questions about any physical conditions or pain points they should look out for. Then they will excuse themselves to wash their hands, which gives you the opportunity to undress (up to the point where you’re comfortable, of course). Then you just lay back and relax, and let the therapist do what they do best.

I have allergies.

Some people have concerns about the lotions and oils used by massage therapists causing a skin reaction. Fear not. Zeel therapists bring unscented, non-staining and hypoallergenic lotion with them to all massage appointments. Of course they are happy to use any product that you have at home – just make sure not to use coconut oil if you have a nut allergy.

I don’t want to be naked in front of a stranger.

You may be concerned about privacy or being uncovered. Massage therapists are extremely experienced at draping, or covering your body with sheets, except for the body part being worked on. No private areas of your body will be worked on or uncovered. If you’re uncomfortable undressing at all, or perhaps you’re hosting a spa party with a large group of acquaintances, then a clothed table massage may be right for you. Similar to a chair massage, these clothed table massages last about 10-20 minutes each and focus on the neck, arms, back, and legs.

I can’t fit massage into my schedule.

Most spas close after normal “business hours,” leaving you with no opportunity to get a massage after work or before bed. That’s where Zeel comes in. You can book a Zeel in-home massage anytime between the hours of 8am and midnight, with start times as late as 10:30pm. In fact, a whopping 70% of Zeel’s bookings occur after 5pm when spas are typically closed or are fully booked for the day. Treat yourself to an end-of-day reward.



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