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The Happiest, Most Massage-Friendly Cities in America

The Happiest, Most Massage-Friendly Cities in America

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Which American cities are home to the happiest people? National Geographic announced its 2017 rankings of happiest cities in the U.S. – most of which happen to be cities where you can get an in-home massage delivered on-demand. Coincidence? We think not.

The happiest cities rankings are based on a comprehensive study that looks at “pleasure, pride, and purpose,” including specific factors such as how walkable and bikeable each city is.

“There’s a high correlation between bikeability and happiness in a city,” notes Dan Buettner, bestselling author, avid traveler and self-proclaimed “happiness planner” who worked with National Geographic and Gallup’s social scientists to compile the data.

Other surprising insights from the study include a strong correlation between the quality of water in a given city and how happy its residents are.

See the full list of happiest U.S. cities below, and read more on NatGeo.


Happiest cities in the U.S.


  1. Boulder, Colorado
  2. Santa Cruz – Watsonville
  3. Charlottesville, Virginia
  4. Fort Collins, Colorado
  5. San Luis Obispo, California
  6. San Jose, California
  7. Provo, Utah
  8. Bridgeport – Stamford – Norwalk, Connecticut
  9. Barnstable Town, Massachusetts
  10. Anchorage, Alaska
  11. Naples – Immokalee – Marco Island, Florida
  12. Santa Maria – Santa Barbara, California
  13. Salinas, California
  14. North Port – Sarasota – Bradenton, Florida
  15. Honolulu, Hawaii
  16. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  17. San Francisco – Oakland – Hayward, California
  18. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  19. Manchester – Nashua, New Hampshire
  20. Oxnard – Thousand Oaks – Ventura, California
  21. Washington – Arlington – Alexandria, District of Columbia / Virginia
  22. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  23. San Diego – Carlsbad, California
  24. Portland, Maine
  25. Austin, Texas


See a full map of Zeel cities across the U.S. here

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