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Marcy is the SVP of People and Communications at Zeel. In addition to overseeing the humans of Zeel, Marcy has written about workplace topics for more than 20 years both at Zeel and as VP of Content for, a career information web site and publisher.

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Massage for Treating PTSD
How Massage Can Ease the Burdens of PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (commonly known as PTSD) is a psychological condition caused by experiencing, or…

A luxury bath robe set aside for one of the individuals getting a couples massage.
What Are the Benefits of a Couples Massage?

When scrolling through the Zeel app, considering options like Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage, you may have seen the option for a couples massage. But why, you might wonder, should you get a couples massage with Zeel?

A pair of headphones plugged into a heart to represent massage music for couples to use on Valentine's Day.
The Best Massage Music for Couples

With Valentines Day right around the corner, making plans for your significant other can be a hard task to do. Since staying in is the new going out, an ideal Valentine’s day plan might include an in-home couples massage. We’ve got your in-home spa playlist covered with a list of best music for couples massages.

What to Eat for a Better Night's Sleep
Sleep Better With These Easy Diet Updates (Including What NOT to Eat Before Bed)

With constant distractions, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult for some. But did you know your diet can have something to do with that as well? Eating for better sleep is easy. We’ve compiled a list of foods you should eat for better sleep.

An elderly woman looking in the distacne and holding her ear in pain due to her tinnitus.
Conquer Tinnitus With Massage Therapy

If you’re desperate for a way to treat tinnitus, a massage that focuses on the ears, head and neck may be just what you need to alleviate your tinnitus symptoms.

Alcohol after massage, or before? Here's the truth.
Mixing Alcohol & Massage: Why You Should Never Do It

Massage, then drinks = OK. Drinks, then massage = Not OK. Learn why you shouldn’t mix massage and alcohol.

Indoor bike options
Thinking of Clipping into an Indoor Bike? Here’s Everything to Know About the Top Options (Including the DIY Version)

The President sure loves his Peloton. This Inauguration Day, and for the first time in…

A pregnant woman sitting in a chair looking uncomfortable due to her MSK pain.
Pregnancy and Pain: Treating MSK Woes When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, but not when it comes to musculoskeletal (MSK) aches…

MSK and Chronic Pain
MSK: Three Letters You Need to Know in 2021

So does your back hurt? Those stories Grandma told about her neck aching when the…