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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Zeel Staff Picks for Dad Gifts

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Zeel Staff Picks for Dad Gifts

Father's Day gift guide - Zeel staff picks for dad gifts

We asked some of the Zeel Team to name their top recommendations for Father’s Day gifts (besides an in-home massage on demand, of course). Herein they share their no-fail gifts for Dad.

Spoiler alert: If you’re the father of a Zeel employee, or a father married to a Zeel employee, please do not read this article.


Gifts for food and drink aficionados

“I like getting my dad stuff from Goldbely. They ship food from the best restaurants and delis all over the country, overnight. They even have a monthly bacon subscription! I can get my dad the best bratwurst from his home state (Wisconsin) delivered with the touch of a button. What’s better than food nostalgia?”

— Tucker

“My dad really appreciates a good food gift, and this Father’s Day I’m planning to give him an on-demand food subscription from Plated or Blue Apron. He works late and doesn’t have much time to think about what he wants to eat each night — let alone time to shop for it or cook it. These subscription services send the meals of your choice straight to your door, with all ingredients in little packets, and each meal can be prepared in 45 minutes or less. They take the work out of grocery shopping, and since the deliveries come with step-by-step instructions, they’re easy to make for any skill level. Plus, there are usually leftovers, which he could pack for lunch the next day.”

— Sara

“I like Bespoke Post a lot for Father’s Day gifts. You can class up your dad’s drinking a lot with a curated membership box full of cool concepts like “Alchemy” (a cocktail kit full of mixology accessories), “The Churchill” (Carillo cigars, a reclaimed wood ashtray and cedar spills), or “Infuse” (a DIY liquor infusion kit). Bespoke Post is also great for younger guys, or those who have a new dad in their life.”

— Timothy

Gifts for relaxation

“I ordered an outdoor bistro set for my father this holiday, so he can sit back and enjoy the view of the creek in our backyard. He is getting older and spends a lot of time at home — I’m hoping this will help him slow things down a little and enjoy the present. He can drink his morning coffee on the patio, relax and soak in the suburban scenery.”

— Semra

“My dad has been (not so subtly) hinting that he would love to go on a fishing trip sometime soon. This Father’s Day, I’m going to get him a Groupon experience for a deep sea fishing trip and some new fishing gear. If we come back empty-handed, I’ll get him something to soothe his ego — the famous Balboa Bar (vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate and rolled in toppings) from the aptly named Dad’s Donut & Bakery Shop near Newport Beach. My dad grew up nearby and Balboa Island is one of his favorite places.”

— Shannon

“My dad’s a super laid-back artsy type so I usually struggle with Father’s Day gifts, to be honest! He is a big reader, though, so when all else fails I usually opt for a good history book.”

— Leah

Gifts for snazzy dressers

“I’d recommend a Sock Fancy subscription for the father who likes to dress to impress. My husband dresses up for work every day, but hates figuring out which socks to buy. The Sock Fancy socks are always a great addition to his work outfits, and he doesn’t have to put a single thought into it! I’d also recommend new fishing poles. My husband is a dedicated dad that likes to spend his minimal downtime near the water. We live near the ocean so fishing is always a good way to go.”

— Michelle

Gifts for dog fathers

“My boyfriend is the best dog dad — so ‘we’ bought him a new pair of running shoes this Father’s Day to thank him for all the walks!”

— Jaime

“My go-to gift this year is a BarkBox subscription. My dad loves his dog, and he’ll enjoy giving Bo the hand picked treats and toys every month.”

— Charissa

Gifts for active dads

“I usually get sports tickets or sports memorabilia from his favorite team (Packers all the way). Preferably tickets because then I get to go, too. Everyone wins!”

— Sarah

“I know this is a pretty traditional Father’s Day idea, but I really like buying tools for my dad. He enjoys doing improvement projects around the house, and when I buy him a good tool, I know he’ll use it for years and get a lot of enjoyment out of it.”

— Alexander

“My dad is a tennis fan, so I plan to get him tickets to the US Open. It sounds like a big-ticket item but they’re actually not as expensive as you’d think. This way we get to spend some quality time together watching his favorite sport, and the events are not too far from home in Queens.”

— Monica

Gifts for health, wellness and personal care

“My dad has heart problems, so I keep that in mind when considering gift ideas for Father’s Day. Turns out, the ‘bearing down’ motion from sitting in the bathroom can create increased arterial pressure, which can dislodge stuck blood clots, lead to fatty buildup and plaque, and cause a stroke or a heart attack. (This is actually what happened to Elvis Presley). So, being the thoughtful, overly worried daughter that I am, I bought him a Squatty Potty last holiday. It took him by surprise at first, but he likes it a lot now.”

— Melanie

“Two presents I’d recommend for Father’s Day involve self-care, as dads have a tendency to neglect their own personal needs. The first gift idea: skin care products. Yes, I know that ‘pampering oneself’ is often associated with women, but men really should take care of their skin, too. The second idea is to replace any of his old sports or athletic wear. Are his sneakers tattered and worn out? This can dramatically affect his posture and overall comfort throughout the day. And if none of these presents are his style, you can’t go wrong with grilling supplies in a pinch!”

— Eva

“If your dad is anything like mine, look into a Dollar Shave Club membership. This is a great gift for men who value frugality and simplicity, and don’t want to go to the store for blades every month. My dad’s also low-maintenance when it comes to product purchases — we’re talking about someone who spent decades using the orange Bic razors that come in a bag for four bucks — and Dollar Shave Club’s quality is a huge step up without being too fancy. DSC offers four different razor options for any parental blade preference, along with something called Dr. Carver’s shave butter. Might be a nice change from Barbasol.”

— Zack

“Honestly, I’ve got to go with a Zeel in-home massage as the perfect Father’s Day gift. (Shameless plug.) A lot of people think that massage is synonymous with Mother’s Day presents – but as a dad myself, I can tell you that my wife and I both deserve a break every now and then! Massage is great for reducing stress, promoting better sleep, and overall it’s just nice to treat your father to an hour of relaxation in the comfort of his own home.”

— Samer


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