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Zack is a writer, producer and marketer with 10+ years' experience in the advertising, nonprofit and tech startup industries. He is currently the Education Production Team Lead at Foundr Magazine, a web site for entrepreneurship education and was previously Content Manager at Zeel. Learn more about Zack on LinkedIn.

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Best Standing Desks for Administrative Professionals Day
The Best Standing Desks for Administrative Professionals – or Any Kind of Professional

A curated list of the best standing desks to reward your employees this Administrative Professionals Day.

Staying Cozy and Finding Your Bliss Without Leaving the House
Your Perfect Night In: 21 Cozy Indoor Activities

As an in-home massage provider, we know a thing or two about coziness. Here are 21 ways to cozy up indoors this season as the weather cools down.

Two people embracing and being mindful of one another's mental health journey.
How to Foster Mental Health Awareness and Wellness at Work

The world is taking a Mental Health Day this October 10th. Are you? Here’s how both employers and employees can maintain a healthy work culture.

NFL Players who get Zeel sports massages
7 NFL Players Who Stand by Zeel’s Sports Massage

Sports massage can prevent athletic injuries and help you recover after the big game. Meet the NFL players who enjoy getting a Zeel Massage at home.

Woman relaxing by the pool getting ready for a Zeel Massage
Relax With a Massage This Labor Day Weekend. You’ve Earned It.

It’s Labor Day Weekend, the holiday specifically designed for not working. Treat yourself to a much-needed break — even better, a relaxing massage.

Massage is a parent's secret weapon for dealing with baby stress
Massage, a Parent’s Secret Weapon

Parenting is a tough job. Massage can be the perfect remedy for common parental ailments, from pregnancy pains to postpartum stresses to kid-carrying back injuries.

How to set up a Workplace Wellness Program at your company
Creating a Workplace Wellness Program for a Happy, Healthy Team

Looking to promote health and fitness at your company? Here’s how you can get started with a corporate wellness program.

How much is a Zeel Massage
How Much is a Zeel Massage?

Are you looking for massage membership nearby? Or maybe you want to book a one-off massage? See how much a Zeel massage costs and what’s included.

in home massage membership from Zeel
How Does Zeel’s Massage Membership Work

What’s so great about in-home massage membership? Learn why Zeel’s massage membership is the best (and only) of its kind. It’s a subscription for wellness.