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Relax With a Massage This Labor Day Weekend. You’ve Earned It.

Relax With a Massage This Labor Day Weekend. You’ve Earned It.

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Labor Day Weekend is here, and what could be a better excuse to relax?

Sure, most major holidays involve a day off – and rewarding yourself with gifts like in-home massages tends to be pretty in-demand around these times of year – but Labor Day was specifically created to honor hardworking Americans and give them a well-deserved break from the grind.

Our Labor Day prescription: hook yourself up with an on-demand massage in your home or hotel, courtesy of Zeel. You’ve certainly earned it.

The history of Labor Day

Since the holiday’s creation in 1882 (fun fact: it was originally on a Tuesday), Labor Day Weekend has always been a popular time for leisure activities. Some people head to the beach or the lake house one last time before summer’s unofficial end. Others indulge in an impromptu staycation, complete with backyard BBQ, good company, and (hopefully) no emails.

Still, others may treat themselves to pure self-indulgence on the first Monday of September, like a fancy brunch, a mani-pedi, a massage, or simply catching up on sleep.

Whatever your preference, make time for self-care this Labor Day weekend. Most importantly, give yourself the time and opportunity to take care of yourself.

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Celebrating Labor Day

Americans are culturally obsessed with work, and we don’t take nearly as many vacation days or mental health days as our European counterparts (or workers anywhere else in the world, for that matter). In fact, the U.S. is the only developed country on the planet that doesn’t legally require a single paid vacation day.

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We even gripe about things like “millions of dollars in lost productivity” when there are train delays in New York City’s subway system – rather than saying, “I wish I could spend more time with my family.” There’s something wrong with this picture.

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You deserve a break – and Labor Day is the perfect reason to unwind from all those late nights and 50-hour workweeks you’ve clocked. Leave work early, relax, celebrate, and take care of yourself this Labor Day – the worthiest pursuit of all.

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