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What’s the Perfect Wellness Gift for the Men in Your Life?

What’s the Perfect Wellness Gift for the Men in Your Life?

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While there’s always been a multitude of great reasons to get a massage, many viewed it as a luxury. That’s no longer the case, and medical studies have concluded that adding massages to your busy schedule is something that will improve your long-term health.

The scientific case for massage

A recent study conducted by the Journal of Athletic Training found that an after-workout massage can decrease soreness by 30%. Levels of the stress hormone cortisol dropped 31% following a massage, while levels of our feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin increased roughly 28%.

The report added that over time massages also increase your range of motion and strengthen your immune system. It’s also a well-known stress reducer, and high stress levels are becoming more and more of a red flag when it comes to your overall health. Finding a way to reduce stress is a very important health component, and massages do that as well as anything out there.

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Reasons why men need massage

While these are benefits for both sexes, massages are becoming increasingly more popular among men. The amount of men getting massages has more than doubled in recent years.

Lebron James, who has played 15 seasons in the NBA, uses daily massages to recover from the grind of NBA basketball, according to his trainer, Mike Mancias. The majority of NFL players receive massages as part of their recovery treatments, so don’t think you are above getting a massage. The best athletes in the world get them and so should you.

Here’re five other reasons why men are getting more massages than ever before.

1. Men are becoming more health conscious

The stereotype of the man who just grins and bears his pain is becoming a thing of the past. Men are now more likely to acknowledge their pain, and a relaxing massage can help ease unwanted stress and lower blood pressure.

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2. Men often bottle up their stress

Stress can cause aches and pains, lack of sleep, and even put undue tension on families. A massage can help improve the first two…and will have a positive impact on the third as well (especially if you surprise her with a couples massage).

3. Men can benefit from a sports massage

For men in their 30’s and 40’s who still work out like they did in their 20’s, a sports massage can help recovery time along with helping to prevent future injuries. This is extremely important for people who want to stay in great shape as they age.

4. Men are more likely to work physical jobs

Massages release lactic acid and help to relax your muscles, something perfect for people who work in physically laborious jobs. It can also limit subsequent pain, which may prevent you from missing work. That’s what’s great about massages; they help alleviate current pain while limiting future recurrences.

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5. Men spend a lot of time on the road both driving and flying

Rigorous travel can lead to sore necks and backs, something that a massage is perfect for. A deep tissue massage would be great for someone who spends a lot of time on the road and has neck and back issues.

Sure, massages are relaxing and feel great, but massages also work to reduce stress and prevent future injuries, amongst many other health benefits. Men are finally realizing what they have been missing out on.

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