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Last-Minute Teacher Gifts for the End of the School Year

Last-Minute Teacher Gifts for the End of the School Year

Last minute teacher gift ideas for end of the school year

It’s the beginning of summer, and you’ve got a lot of things on your mind. Planning vacations and camp. Buying sunscreen in bulk. And buying an end-of-year teacher appreciation gift. Wait – did you remember to buy a present for the teacher? It’s almost the last day of school!

Don’t worry. Here are four easy ways to buy a last-minute gift for a special classroom hero.

Gift card (physical)

Are you stopping by Starbucks on your way to school? It’s likely the teacher is, too. Take some time to pick up a gift card at a local coffee shop and write a nice note to accompany it. This is a gift teachers will actually use and appreciate. Plus, you’ll keep them from taking out caffeine headaches on you.

Gift card (digital)

Even if you don’t have a nearby coffee shop or drugstore handy to pick up some last-minute gift cards, you’ve got your phone – and that’s sufficient to send a fantastic present to your teacher. Some great mobile shopping options for gifts include movie tickets (the Fandango app is a good choice here), a wellness treat like a Zeel in-home massage (which can be purchased on the Zeel app for iPhone and Android in moments), or personal care gift cards from the Sephora app. (Hey, teachers need self-care too!) You can personalize your message and have the gift certificate emailed directly to them, same-day.

Supplies for the classroom

If your teacher is like most teachers, his or her classroom is understocked with essential supplies. Many teachers have a wish list of crucial items they desperately need, such as pencils, paper, markers, tissues, cleaning wipes, or snacks for the kids. Do a search online for your school or check out – even if your particular teacher doesn’t have anything listed, you should get a good idea of what they need. The average teacher (as of 2014) spends $513 of their own money on school supplies. It’s time to give back.


Do you have time to find a blank card at home or on your way to school? Then you have the means to give a tasteful and much-appreciated gift — the gift of a genuine thank-you. Teachers have a hard job that’s not always appreciated. And no, they don’t get summers off. Most teachers need to take continuing education courses, teach summer programs, or do their lesson planning for the fall. Thank your teacher in generous and specific detail. If for some reason you don’t have time to buy a physical card, a thoughtful thank-you email will suffice to show your gratitude.

Did the school year already end for you? Well, there’s always the back to school teacher gift!


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