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What is a Swedish Massage and Why Should I Get One In-Home?

What is a Swedish Massage and Why Should I Get One In-Home?

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What is a Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is the most common massage therapy technique in the United States. (In case you were wondering, Swedish massage is called “classic massage” in Sweden.)   A Swedish massage focuses on overall relaxation, circulation, and physical and mental wellness.  Swedish massage includes gliding, kneading, tapping, stretching, and cross-friction strokes.

Combined, a licensed massage therapist uses these massage techniques to improve circulation, improve the flow of lymphatic fluid (a key component of the immune system), and relax muscles overall. This is a “soothe” massage, not a “pressure” massage.

How is Swedish massage different from deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage stretches out the fascia, the connective tissue covering muscles, allowing therapists to directly affect long-standing muscle knots. (If you’re suffering from muscle aches, you can try a DIY office massage in between Zeel Massage appointments – just watch this video.) When you have specific back pain or muscle pain or neck pain, probably due to your terrible office posture, a deep tissue massage can help.

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Why get a Swedish massage?

There are many excellent reasons to get an in-home Swedish massage – if you’re suffering from any of these issues (and perhaps one or more of them) a Swedish massage should be your first choice.

You’re stressed out.

A Swedish massage is one of the best ways to raise your “good” hormonal levels. Swedish massage boosts serotonin, a calming hormone, as well as oxytocin, a “feel good” hormone.

You have trouble sleeping.

Your body creates melatonin, a hormone necessary for good-quality sleep, from serotonin. More Swedish massage = more serotonin = more melatonin = better sleep. Stress can also interfere with sleep, so lower stress levels will help bedtime become sleepy time.  (Plus, since Zeel Massage Therapists come to your home or hotel room, you can go right to sleep after your soothing massage.)

You’re getting sick, or worried about it.

Is the ZikaEbolaSmallpozFlu going around your office? Consider a Swedish massage.  The free flow of lymph, a fluid that contains bug-fighting white blood cells, will boost your immune system and make you more resistant to the latest plague afflicting your coworkers.

You’re stiff or achy.

This can be caused by anything from upgrading the intensity of your yoga class to the side effects of a busy life. If you’re feeling all-over crampy and painful, a Swedish massage, with its stretching and muscle friction, will loosen your muscles and make you more flexible.

You’re headache-y.

Many headaches, from garden-variety head pains to full-on migraines, are caused by stress and/or poor circulation. A Swedish massage goes to the heart of the problem, reducing stress and improving blood flow. Many swear by Swedish massage as a remedy for headaches and migraines.

You just want to relax.

Grumpy? Ready for some me-time? When you get a Swedish massage, you’re really just saying “Make me feel better.” And who deserves it more than you?

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