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The One-Item Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for 2017

The One-Item Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for 2017

In-home massage gifts on sale

This is the time of year when you’re inundated with a swarm of last-minute  holiday gift guides. Of course, you’ve been seeing panicky declarations to buy last-minute holiday presents since before Thanksgiving, but now it’s December, and the pressure is real.

What do you buy for the many loved ones on your list?  What about that father-in-law who says he “has everything he needs” (a lovely sentiment, except when you need to buy Christmas presents)? What about your super-picky mom?  Or a gift for your best friend, who lives across the country and just started de-cluttering with a vengeance?  (Thanks a lot, Marie Kondo!) Or maybe you’re tasked with buying holiday thank-you presents for your company’s top clients, or for the entire department. You haven’t even met some of those people. Or, worst of all, that gift you realize you’ve forgotten as you walk in the front door.

We’re going to make this easy for you. A massage gift card from Zeel is the best thing for everyone – yes, everyone – on your holiday gift list.

Why is a massage from Zeel the ideal gift for everyone?  Three reasons.

Massage benefits everyone

It’s not just anecdata. You already know massage feels good. Now, medical studies are proving definitively that massage is at the core of an everyday wellness routine – massage benefits health in many ways, from lowering blood pressure to losing weight to helping you sleep better.  People of all ages can benefit from massage.

We deliver gift cards instantly

We know you are busy – Zeel makes giving presents simple. Buy gift cards online or on our massage app, and we’ll send the gift card to the recipient of your choice – either instantly (no, of course you didn’t forget a Hanukkah gift for your brother!) or on the date you designate. You can customize your massage gift too – choose the length of the massage, write a personal note, and select the image you want.

All gift cards from Zeel are 10% off

Starting on December 18 (just when the real holiday stress kicks in) through December 25, all Zeel gift cards are  10%.  No code to remember, just purchase.

Happy holidays – your gift problems are solved!  (Now, there’s that drive to the family homestead and Uncle Marvin…)

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