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7 Reasons to Move to Sacramento (Including In-Home Massage)

7 Reasons to Move to Sacramento (Including In-Home Massage)

Sunset over the Sacramento River

With Zeel’s recent expansion into the Sacramento Metro Area, we’ve been thinking about all the reasons why we love Sactown — and why you should too.

If you’re considering taking the leap to the west coast, or simply paying a visit for vacation, here are seven reasons why Sacramento is the place to be right now.

The weather is similar to the Mediterranean

Sick of frigid winters? Sacramento is sunny and hot for most of the year, and cools down just enough in the winter so you can still experience a subtle change of seasons. You definitely won’t have to worry about snow (maybe once a decade). Sure, a lot of California destinations tend to be sunny and temperate year-round, and if you’re from the Northeast or Midwest, you could migrate anywhere south of the Mason Dixon to escape the cold. But Sacramento has a certain type of weather that seems to draw people in from all over, similar to that of the Mediterranean. Some even call it the best climate in the world.

It’s walkable and bikeable

A lot of people are relocating to San Francisco these days (a move we’re completely in favor of here at Zeel – one of our offices is located there!). But SF can be an uphill battle in several ways. Getting around can be challenging if you’re the type to enjoy a leisurely stroll or bike ride. The 45-degree angle hills will certainly work your calf muscles and quads. If you’re looking for an easier town to get around, you’ll enjoy Sacramento’s flatter terrain.

It’s also more affordable

San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. Nearby Sacramento, not so much. The average rent for an apartment in San Francisco was $3,150 per month in January 2017 vs $1,151 in Sacramento, according data from If you’re in the market to buy, a single-family home in Sacramento starts around $300,000. In San Francisco, it’s nearly four times the cost, with a median home value of $1,194,300 according to Zillow.

An entry-level job at Bay Area tech employers like Uber or Twitter might sound glamorous, but Sacramento also offers great employment opportunities with a much more reasonable cost of living. For example, Sacramento suburb Elk Grove has an Apple campus with over 1,800 employees, more than 1% of the city’s population. Millennials are buying up Elk Grove property like hotcakes. Just try to do that in the Bay.

You can spend weekends at Lake Tahoe

Sacramento is located within prime proximity to many scenic weekend trips — Lake Tahoe being one of the most famous. Here, you can ski and snowboard in the winter season, parasail and jet ski during the warmer months, and soak in the beautiful views anytime. (You can also enjoy a Zeel in-home massage in Lake Tahoe 365 days a year.)

Here are some other beauties worth seeing that are a stone’s throw from Sactown:

  • Napa Valley and Sonoma (wine country)
  • Monterey Bay
  • Santa Cruz
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Lassen National Park
  • American River Parkway
  • Folsom Lake
  • Sacramento River

Healthy farm-to-fork eating

Sacramento is known as the “Farm to Fork” capital of the US. Beyond the easily accessible and freshly-grown foods — including tomatoes, almonds, and avocados — there are also many agricultural events and farmer’s markets. Did we hear Pear Festival? In addition to community events, whet your artisanal appetite and try one of Sacramento’s countless farm-to-table restaurants.

Diversity, culture, and rich history

TIME Magazine named Sacramento America’s most diverse city in 2002, and the cultural variety hasn’t declined since. Let’s not forget that it’s also the capital city of California — the largest state in the US — which has its own perks. The fusion of old and new offers vibrant visuals, as historic Midtown sites become revitalized.

The Sacramento Press describes the vision for the city: “packed with historic sites, architecture, a walkable layout, and a density of classic theaters, performance venues, restaurants and bars, Sacramento will increasingly become a favored destination for cutting edge and creative businesses.”

You can get a massage delivered to your home

As of June 2017, all residents of the Sacramento Metro Area can now book an in-home Zeel Massage with the touch of a button. Why leave the house and drive all the way to a spa? Zeel is the world’s first and largest on-demand massage therapy app, and we’re thrilled to make our services available to 90% of California state, which now includes Sacramento. From Roseville to Elk Grove to Folsom, Davis, Rancho Cordova and Galt, booking a rejuvenating massage has never been easier. Simply select the time and place of your massage, the technique of your choice, and the gender of your massage therapist, and they’ll arrive at your door in as little as an hour. Zeel even offers massage membership, too — for those who are into the idea of getting a massage every month.

Book your Sacramento in-home massage today.

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