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Summer Friday Chair Massages With Zeel

Summer Friday Chair Massages With Zeel

As we head into the lazy days of August, summer is now in full swing. Many companies celebrate summer by launching a Summer Fridays program. Summer Fridays give your employees a jump start on a long weekend or the chance to wind down after a long, hot week at the office. Here are a few very cool ways to help your team celebrate the spirit of summer.

Chair massage at your company’s HQ

Think “staycation”, but right in your own corporate offices.

On those too-hot days in the city when a picnic doesn’t sound like a perk at all, “indoor activities are key,” says Jason Karr, a corporate wellness executive. Plan a bag lunch at the company headquarters and a variety of activities to help employees relax and unwind. Whether its chair massage, group yoga, meditation or a “pet-a-thon” with puppies from the local shelter, employees will be grateful for an escape from the daily grind.

Jason Karr likes to remind business owners and human resources executives that bringing wellness to the workplace has benefits that last long after the summer is over. “There’s no question that employees who feel relaxed and well are more ready to take on the world,” says Karr. In fact, the benefits of chair massage at work are proven to help relax employees, de-stress the workplace and improve overall productivity.

summer friday chair massages

Check out how easy it is to book and enjoy an in-office chair massage event in the video below:

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