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VIDEO: Morning, Noon and Night Breathing

VIDEO: Morning, Noon and Night Breathing

Breathing exercises for every part of your day

Life moves pretty fast, making us feel anxious or stressed, and we often don’t take the time to check in with ourselves. Short breathing exercises throughout the day can help focus your thoughts and attention on the present moment. The best part is, it can be done anywhere. So, whether you’re waiting for the bus, or you’re about to jump into a virtual meeting, taking a few minutes to reconnect with your breath can help you stay relaxed—which will keep you happier and more productive all day.

Try This 3-Part Breath Technique

Step 1: Exhale out all the air from your lungs
Step 2: Inhale for three counts, noticing your belly and chest expand
Step 3: Hold your breath in for 3 counts
Step 4: Exhale for 3 counts, noticing your belly empty
Repeat 10 times

Ready for a few more exercises?

Zeel Virtual Wellness instructor Yemmie demonstrates 3 mindfulness exercises that will help power up your morning, keep you focused through the day, and wind down for your best sleep at night.

Yemsrach Teklatsadik is an Engineer turned Meditation Teacher. After receiving her engineering degree from Cornell University, she worked in corporate America for almost 10 years, where she got to experience first-hand the impact that stress has on the mind and the body. Her search for a happier and healthier life led her to meditation and yoga, which she was determined to share with others. She got certified and began teaching meditation to others in 2018 and has never been happier. 

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