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Top 5 Pre & Post Massage Foods | Zeel

Curious how to make the most out of your next massage? Tracy Lockwood, registered dietitian-nutritionist, outlines the top 5 summer foods that will help enhance the benefits of your next massage. Who knew blueberries and deep tissue massage were such a perfect pair!

Zeel in Cleveland
Zeel Now Delivers In-Home Massages in Cleveland, OH

Are you searching for a nearby massage in Cleveland, Ohio? Avoid rushing and getting stuck in traffic. Order a Zeel massage and get a spa-quality wellness experience delivered straight to your doorsteps. It’s safe and affordable!

men and massage gift
What’s the Perfect Wellness Gift for the Men in Your Life?

Contrary to some common misconceptions, massage is a popular and much-needed gift for men of all ages. Find out how and why massage can help with recovery, stress relief, and relaxation.

Happy employees smiling during meeting
5 Ways to Bring Corporate Wellness to Your Workplace

There’s no denying that employee wellness programs are a boon for both company and employee. As a study run by the World Health Organization (WHO) found, these initiatives can reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism. Here are 10 ways any company can bring wellness to the workplace, irrespective of size and bottom line.

Zeel Arrives in Providence: The Best Massage in Rhode Island

Looking for the best massage in Providence? Download the Zeel app and book the safest in-home massage. We’ll deliver to your front door, hotel room or office.

home massage in newport rhode island
Zeel Brings Home Massage to Newport, RI

Looking for a massage nearby your Newport home or hotel? Book a 5-star home massage with Zeel, and a licensed and thoroughly vetted massage therapist will deliver a spa-quality massage experience to your doorsteps.

Girl enjoying BottleRock festival
The Ultimate Survival and Recovery Guide for BottleRock

Kicking off your festival season this year with Bottlerock 2018? From what to pack to what to expect, let our ultimate BottleRock guide help you survive and recover from the festival this year.

Lookout point has an American flag flying on a calm day at the beach.
Ways to Enjoy the Long Memorial Day Weekend

Use this Memorial Day Weekend to your advantage set aside time for some much-deserved wellness. What better way to celebrate and relax than with a massage delivery straight to your front door or hotel room?

share zeel membership
3 Ways You Can Share Zeel’s New and Improved Massage Membership

Take advantage of Zeel’s massage membership for a discounted dose of wellness. Share your membership with friends and family, use it from multiple locations, and order massage to your hotel room when you travel.