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Sports Massage

The sports massage is a variation of the classic Swedish massage, and is intended to improve the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body.

I'm a long-distance biker and occasionally suffer from cramps. Can massage help reduce their frequency?

Terri Hosfeld (Phoenix, AZ) on Nov 14, 2011
It would depend on what type of cramping you are dealing with. My questions to you would be - Where are the cramps? Is it a "Charlie horse" type of cramp, or a dull ache? Massage will generally help the muscles feel better and alleviate cramping when it occurs. However, I'd need to ask a few more questions in order to determine whether massage would reduce their frequency. Do you stretch before and after you work out? Do you stretch until you feel mild, moderate or strong sensation? How much water do you drink? Massage will increase your circulation and flush all the toxins produced while you ride. It will expedite the healing process while relieving muscle pain. While massage would be great for you, I'd need to know more to tell you how it will affect your cramping. Send me the answers and I can give you a more definite answer.