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About Sports Massage

Not an Olympian? Not to worry, because despite its name, sports massages aren't just for Kobe Bryant (though he supposedly gets them daily). The sports massage was originally designed for athletes who wanted to prepare for, or recover from, sporting events. But it's a good healing technique for anyone with chronic pain, a recent injury of muscles and tendons, or difficulty moving their limbs.

Sports massages isolate a specific issue, like a tender knee or faulty shoulder. (Keep in mind that if you get a sports massage for your knee, you won't be getting a whole body rubdown.)

The sports massage is a variation of the classic Swedish massage, and is intended to improve the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. The main difference between the two is that the sports massage adds ""trigger point therapy,"" which is meant to break up knots in the body, relieve aches, and increase range of motion. (Knot removal is also typical during deep tissue massages).

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