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About Electrolysis

Electrolysis can accomplish what tweezing, waxing, and bleaching can't - the permanent removal of the shadow above your lip or your caterpillar brows. Hair removal is much like a game of whack-a-mole: you get rid of one, and another hair sprouts almost instantly.

Razors can shorten unwelcome strands, and tweezers can pluck hairs. But these are temporary removal methods - these hairs are destined to grow back. Electrolysis is the only technique known to remove hair permanently, though the treatments can be quite literally shocking (after all, it's electric!).

Electrolysis was first used in 1875 to eliminate irritating eyelashes. Since its invention, three variations have come to light. All three methods have the same goal, ultimately damaging the surrounding blood vessels that encourage hair growth. Squelch the blood supply, and you squelch the hair's life support.

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