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About BHA Peel

A BHA peel (scientifically known as beta hydroxy acid) is one of the gentlest chemical peels available. The procedure exfoliates the skin, treats pigmentation inconsistencies and sun damaged skin, reduces the appearance of age-related fine lines and wrinkles, and helps fight acne. The BHA solution contains salicylic acid - a colorless and odorless element of natural origin, found in sweet birch, wintergreen leaves, and willow tree bark. (It's also one of the key ingredients of aspirin.)

Like most peels, the BHA solution comes in a variety of concentrations. The higher the acid content, the deeper the peel. Even at its highest level of acidity (normally 30%) the BHA peel remains one of the mildest chemical peels, affecting only a very thin layer of the skin's outer surface. In fact, if you've ever used face wash you've probably already scrubbed your face with a very low-grade salicylic acid.

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