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Vacation Stress? The Magic of Getting a Massage on Vacation

Vacation Stress? The Magic of Getting a Massage on Vacation

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Vacations are designed to be an escape from stress, but we all know they’re not always stress-free. From planning and packing to diffusing family arguments, to making sure everyone is happy, to the need to keep checking your work email — sometimes you need a vacation within your vacation. Massage is a surefire way to eliminate travel stress and turn your next trip into a blissful experience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting a massage on vacation.


You can order a massage directly to your hotel room

Or anywhere, for that matter. With Zeel’s on-demand massage app, literally any place you’re staying can be transformed into a spa experience. Zeel Massage Therapists bring their own massage tables and sheets — all you need is an address.

If your hotel doesn’t have a spa (or if their spa closes early and you’re craving a massage after-hours), order an in-room massage that comes to you. Just check with your concierge first to see if they already have a partnership with us — they can handle the booking for you.


You can book it on the fly same-day, or ahead of time

Are you the spontaneous type who doesn’t like to overplan your leisure time? Zeel Massages can be scheduled in as little as an hour before the appointment begins, 365 days a year. You can book for massage start times as early as 8am or as late as 10:30pm, even on holidays. If you’re more of a planner and like to have your vacation itinerary locked down for peace of mind, you can also book your Zeel Massage up to 30 days in advance.


Zeel Massages are available in almost every US destination

Zeel is the nation’s largest on-demand massage app. Virtually anywhere you go, one of 9,000+ licensed and vetted Zeel Massage Therapists is available on-call to serve your needs. Whether you’re traveling to Chicago, Austin, Cape Cod, Charleston, Minneapolis, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, NYC, or 90% of California, Zeel has your back.


Staying with friends? Share your massage credit as a gift

If your friend is putting you up in their guest room, and you want to repay them, why not give them a free massage? It’s a wonderful gesture to say “thanks for the hospitality” — and they won’t have to feel bad about throwing away an unwanted trinket. Zeel Massage gift cards are available in any amount and can be used toward any massage technique. Or, you can simply surprise your friend by booking their session for when they get home from work. If you happen to be a Zeelot Member, here are three ways you can share your membership with friends and family at no cost.


Cure jet lag and airplane stiffness with a sleep massage

Take your travel recovery one step further than making fists with your toes like Die Hard’s John McClane. Zeel’s specially-designed sleep massage focuses on the whole body to relieve your travel stress and gently lull you into a peaceful slumber. Book it just as easily as any other modality through the Zeel mobile app or website. Why spend half your trip trying to reset your biological clock? Get back on track so you can enjoy your whole vacation.


Turn your Airbnb into a pop-up spa

If you and your friends are renting a house for the weekend, what better way to unwind than to book massages for the whole crew? This used to require a lot of research and planning, but now with the Zeel app, it’s just as easy as an individual massage booking. You can choose the gender of your massage therapist, how many massages you’d like, and whether you want them back-to-back or simultaneous. And voila: your rental property just became a luxurious 5-star spa. Who ever said group massage had to be complicated?


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