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Massage Therapist Jobs and Zeel: A Match Made in (App) Heaven

Massage Therapist Jobs and Zeel: A Match Made in (App) Heaven

Massage therapist jobs

Working as a licensed massage therapist is certainly gratifying. Unfortunately, it’s also not without its headaches. After all, if you work full-time for a spa, you’re tethered to its schedule and policies. Conversely, if you operate independently, you must contend with the stress of building your own client base and handling countless administrative tasks.

Zeel helps you build your independent business by handling the tough stuff, like client referrals through the Zeel network, payment processing, scheduling tools, and tax reporting. You spend more time doing what you love.

your phone becomes your de facto office/administrative assistant

Here are just a few reasons a massage therapist might want to work with Zeel:

Higher earning potential as a licensed massage therapist

At Zeel, we understand what a good massage therapist is truly worth. That’s why everyone who uses our platform earns on average 75% of the total appointment cost. We include an automatic 18% gratuity, with the entire tip going to the therapist.

earns on average 75% of the total appointment cost (including an 18% gratuity)

Additionally, no need to worry over cancellations; Zeel charges a fee when customers back out at the last minute. We know your time is precious. Best of all, with weekly direct deposits, getting paid is easy and efficient.

Enjoy flexibility and freedom

Zeel allows you to take full control of your work schedule. How so?

We send you the most relevant massage requests. If you’re interested and available, you bid on the booking via our provider app. Need an afternoon off? Or even an entire week? Not a problem.

We firmly believe that appointments should fit your calendar. Zeel provides you with opportunities to work days, evenings, weekends, and any combination thereof. You have full control over your schedule.

Safety comes first

The security of massage therapists and customers is a top priority for Zeel. That’s why we have therapists use a check-in and check-out system. We want confirmation that every appointment has been completed safely.

Moreover, we’re the only one in the industry who requires that customers pass a high-tech identification evaluation via a third-party partner. As a massage therapist, you have the opportunity to rate clients and provide valuable feedback on each and every session. Clients can also prioritize you if they love your work and wish to rebook.

Finally, Zeel’s customer service is always available when a massage is taking place. You can always email, call or text should any questions or concerns arise.

Ease of use

Using the Zeel app is easy for massage therapists and customers alike. It’s quick to download and a breeze to navigate. You can log in at any time and see if there are any appointment requests. Your phone becomes your de facto office/administrative assistant.

In-home and in-office massage therapy jobs

Another benefit to using the Zeel platform is the breadth and depth of our customer base. With therapists in the Zeel network providing coverage for over 85 cities around the country, we attract a wide variety of clientele seeking therapeutic massage. Individuals seeking at-home service can request the following five massage types (Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, sleep massage) from a therapist in the Zeel network, plus the option of couples or back-to-back appointments.

With Zeel you get to choose from a wide range of massage jobs. Opportunities vary from home appointments to in-office chair massage bookings at top corporations. You can choose to only take corporate appointments, work in-home bookings exclusively on weekend or a combination of both.

Work opportunities at top spas

Do you miss working in a spa environment? As a massage therapist in the Zeel network, you have the opportunity to work at some of the nation’s most luxurious spa resorts — a wonderful experience. Zeel’s spa staffing solution enables us to solve some of the biggest challenges spa directors face — seasonal demand and fulfillment.

Working as a massage therapist is a rewarding profession. However, it comes with its fair share of uncertainty and logistical challenges. By partnering with Zeel, massage therapists get protection and a peace of mind. Most importantly, they can tap into a steady stream of clients and do what they love.

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