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best prenatal massage pillow
The Secret To Staying Comfortable During Your Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a great way to treat pregnancy discomforts such as back pain and restricted circulation. But did you know that maternity pillows and boasters are crucial for a safe pregnancy massage?

Zeel prenatal massage - is prenatal massage safe
Is Prenatal Massage Safe? 3 Questions To Ask Your Therapist

Wondering is prenatal massage is safe and how you can find the right massage therapist? Learn what are 3 questions to ask and avoid a disappointing (or even dangerous!) pregnancy massage.

Wellness Initiatives: Finding the Perfect Perks to Meet Your Team’s Needs
Wellness Initiatives: Finding the Perfect Perks to Meet Your Team’s Needs

Gauge your employees’ interest in wellness perks, and learn some options for wellness benefits that your company can start today.

Massage therapist jobs
Massage Therapist Jobs and Zeel: A Match Made in (App) Heaven

Looking for more jobs as a licensed massage therapist? Partner with Zeel and increase your earning potential. Enjoy a flexible schedule, diversity in appointments, and an elevated level of security.

Natural Treatment For Postpartum & Pregnancy Depression
Massage: A Natural Treatment For Postpartum & Pregnancy Depression

Postpartum and pregnancy depression are some of the most common mental health disorders today. Find out how massage, in combination with other natural approaches, can be used to prevent and manage the stress and anxiety correlated to PPD.

Zeel Tries: In-Office Chair Massage

Learn how office chair massage can help improve your company’s culture and promote a healthier work environment. Watch this video to find out the impact chair massage has for employees at Zeel’s HQ office in NYC.

Zeel massage in Richmond
The Best Mobile Massage is Now Available in Richmond

Residents and visitors of the Richmond metro area can now enjoy the perks of in-home massage with Zeel Massage On Demand®. Whether you want a one-time massage or a monthly massage membership, Zeel’s got your back.

Treating sleep apnea with massage
Treating Sleep Apnea with Massage: Everything You Need to Know

Sleep apnea is a vastly under-diagnosed health condition with serious long-term negative effects. Find out who’s affected by sleep apnea, what the most common symptoms are, and how massage can help you treat them.

Making the Most out of International Day of Happiness

What a better day to be happy than March 20, 2018, the International Day of Happiness? Follow our tips on little things you can incorporate into your daily routine that will ensure your stay present, focused, and above all – happy.