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The 1K Club: Zeel Massage Therapist Prisila hits 1,000 Appointments!

The 1K Club: Zeel Massage Therapist Prisila hits 1,000 Appointments!

Celebrating A Milestone: 1,000 Massages!

This past weekend, Prisila became the first Zeel Massage Therapist (ZMT) to complete 1,000 Zeel Massage appointments! To celebrate, we asked Prisila a few questions about her experience with Zeel.



A former track athlete with an undying love of sports, licensed massage therapist Prisila is also a personal trainer with over 10 years of experience. Prisila attended Western Michigan University on a track scholarship, where she was a member of a championship-winning 4 x 400 relay team. Prisila’s knowledge of exercise and its impact on the body gives her a deeper understanding of Zeel customers’ physical needs. The result? “Clients really feel the difference in my work,” she says, which may include a number of bodywork modalities. Some of them are myofascial, shiatsu, Swedish and deep tissue. 



Z: What do you enjoy about working with Zeel?

P:  I’ve worked for numerous companies – 5 star companies –and Zeel happens to be the best one I’ve worked for.  Zeel really is considerate and kind. And that goes a long way. When you work with people who appreciate your work, it makes you want to work harder.


Z: What made you decide to become a Zeel Massage Therapist?

P: I saw an advertisement on Facebook and I was  curious. I signed up three years ago – since that time, Zeel has grown to be a fabulous app, and it’s really great for business. I’m so much more productive in acquiring more clients. It’s just fabulous!


Z: Have you changed as a massage therapist since joining Zeel?

P: Yes. I like to think that I’m stronger. A couple years ago, when I worked for a spa, that was tough. I was expected to perform massages back-to-back-to-back.

To commute with a table adds a whole other level. Still, I would rather work for Zeel any day than go back to working at a spa. It’s more autonomous. It just makes life so much more interesting, going to all these different places.


Z: Any funny Zeel stories?

P: There was one job I was on – it was a couples massage – and their dog was licking my heels. I was SO ticklish and I was trying so hard not to laugh. It was torture!


Z: How will you celebrate your thousandth Zeel Massage?

P: I think I’ll take the day off and go to Florida [laughs]…a last minute trip!


Enjoy Florida, Prisila! You deserve it. Congratulations on your 1,000th Zeel Massage!

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