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Geriatric Massage: Is My Loved One Too Old for Massage?

Geriatric Massage: Is My Loved One Too Old for Massage?

Ask Eva, our Zeel National ZMT Manager and licensed massage therapist.

My grandfather is in his 90s and lives in assisted living. Can he still get a massage?

You never age out of the benefits of massage. In fact, massage for the elderly is a great way to maintain senior wellness and ease some of the common complaints that come with increased age.

When working with seniors, massage therapists will first assess any medical conditions and medications. For example, any blood thinning medications taken will require gentler pressure.

Among the elderly, especially those with decreased mobility, the limbs can become stiff and painful from lack of movement. A good geriatric massage therapist will concentrate on the hands, feet, legs, and arms to improve circulation and flexibility.

Geriatric massage is also very helpful with alleviating age-related dysfunctions like muscle and bone deterioration, swelling in the extremities, bursitis, and respiratory issues. Massage can even be a great way to treat arthritis pain.

Finally, aside from the physical benefits, massage provides much-needed physical contact for seniors. Many seniors become lonely and depressed because of the lack of touch in their lives. Touch is a powerful sense that produces oxytocin, a hormone that increases a sense of well-being.

So to summarize, yes, not only can your grandfather get a massage, he should!


Eva Carey is a licensed massage therapist with 20+ years of experience, as well as Zeel’s National ZMT Director. Have a question for Eva? Contact

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