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A New You This Spring: Small Changes Are In Season

A New You This Spring: Small Changes Are In Season

Zeel Massage featured on Your Life A to Z

New Year’s Eve isn’t the only time to write down your resolutions for the year to come. The seasonal transition into spring can serve as an excellent benchmark to stay on track – implementing small changes in order to reach your long-term goals.

One great example of the impact the little things have is by looking at the products you invest in, especially at the turn of the season. For instance, if you aren’t sleeping well, instead of purchasing a whole new mattress and bed frame, you might just start with a new set of sheets.

The urge for a fresh start hit Your Life A to Z, as lifestyle and beauty editor Jamie Krell and Suzanne Bissett featured Zeel on Arizona’s 3TV recently. Jamie reveals her favorite new products for health, beauty, and wellness and encourages viewers to embrace change by swapping in old products that no longer fit a purpose for new ones. Zeel, the first of Jamie’s line up, is showcased as a tool to help you make wellness a priority, especially with the consistency of a monthly massage membership with Zeelot.

Envision your goals as stepping stones instead of one giant leap and reaching them won’t seem as daunting. There is power in incremental change rather than radical change. Here are five helpful tips for daily changes to make positive strides in your own life.

Switch up your workout

If your ultimate goal is to be physically fit, creating a consistent workout routine is ideal. Rather than telling yourself, “I will go to the gym 5 times a week,” find natural ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life. Try a salsa class, walk around the neighborhood during your lunchbreak, use the stairs, or take your run outside.

Stay connected

If you feel out of touch and isolated, you need to work on balancing your work and social life. Prioritizing close relationships and maintaining those special connections in our lives enhances well-being and lowers stress levels. Rather than trying to keep up with everyone at every moment through social media, take an internet cleanse and choose one night a week to go out with someone whose company you enjoy.

Be mindful

If you rush through the week on auto-pilot, you can learn to slow down by practicing mindfulness. Meditation helps promote relaxation by decreasing anxiety, but there are other ways to tune into mindfulness as well. Rather than trying to force yourself into a daily meditation practice if it doesn’t feel right for you, take the time to explore which activities help you feel at ease. Once you find which hobbies suit you best, incorporate them into your schedule after a long day to unwind.

Make “me” time

If you never have time for yourself, you know first hand that balancing your work life with your personal life is trickier than ever. Avoid burnout and feeling overwhelmed by making the time to do the things you love. Rather than overestimating your free time, tell yourself you will allow just one hour a week. Figure out what makes you happy and treat it like a business meeting in your calendar. All you have to do is show up (for yourself). If you find yourself strapped for time and craving a moment of peace, relaxing with a Zeel Massage is something you would surely benefit from.

Get more “Z” time

If you feel physically and mentally exhausted before your workday even begins, you’re not getting restful sleep. Exercise, diet, light, sound, temperature and even pets can impact the quality of our sleep. You may have developed some habits that are contributing to your restless nights and groggy mornings. Rather than focusing on the numbers alone and analyzing how many hours you sleep, start by doing your research and create your own healthy nighttime habits.

You don’t have to implement every one of these changes — start small. Once you begin implementing minor changes in your daily life, you make room for the larger transformations to occur.

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