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Zeel Wins a Bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service

Zeel Wins a Bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service

Zeel wins a Stevie Award

There are many awards for business growth and top-tier innovation. But there are relatively few for superior customer service. That’s strange, because customer service is one of the most important factors in any business.   That’s why the Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service is one of the most coveted awards for companies with A+ customer service teams.

Yes, there is a reason we’re telling you this – namely, Zeel is the recipient of a 2017 Bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service.   We couldn’t be prouder.

The Zeel tradition of top customer service

We’ve been perfecting the art and science of customer service at Zeel for years. Zeel has been delivering our signature offering, Massage On Demand®, since late 2012.  As the inventors of in-home and on-demand massage delivery, we knew from the beginning that superb customer service would be a core Zeel value.  We didn’t outsource Zeel customer service –from the beginning, we built an in-house team of  customer service professionals, devoted to helping Zeel customers and massage therapists within the Zeel network whenever Zeel massage is available – 365 days a year.

Zeel is available for booking in-home massage delivery as early as 8am and as late as 10:30pm, 365 days a year, in 85+ U.S. cities. So is Zeel customer service.

A modern customer experience to complement a modern business model

Zeel prides itself on maintaining personal relationships with customers via SMS messaging. Through text messaging, Zeel customers enjoy personal and convenient attention from the team. Live representatives provide the best experience for customers, not the bots or automated SMS messages common at other companies.

Zeel’s fast and responsive communication increases engagement and overall satisfaction of its rapidly-growing customer base, creating loyalty through a strong personal relationship with Zeel.  We’re especially happy to note that more than 20% of new Zeel customers come through word of mouth referrals.

Making Zeel Massage easy for customers

Zeel massage appointments are detailed. While booking a Zeel massage, customers select massage type, duration, location, timing, and therapist gender.

As soon as the booking process begins, customers are assigned a customer service representative, who acts as their concierge for the duration of their appointment. Customers communicate directly with their “concierge” while booking. This enables Zeel to answer questions, identify potential customer issues before they arise, and determine if the customer has any injuries or areas of focus- even manage surprise appointments for loved ones.

Top NPS scores

The proof is in the NPS. Zeel has an impressive NPS – Net Promoter Score – of 71.  (That’s higher than Apple! ) Zeel Massage members give Zeel (and Zeel’s Massage Membership) a superlative NPS score of 85.

And, of course, the results of Zeel customer service are shown in the praise lavished on Zeel by our very happy customers.

Many thanks to the Stevie Awards and the matchless Zeel customer service team for our bronze 2017 Stevie

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