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7 Ways to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week

7 Ways to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week

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April 23 kicks off Administration Professionals Appreciation Week (or, as it’s known in the biz, AdminPro Week). Administrative professionals can be the undersung heroes of any workplace – the multi-talented connective tissue without whom many offices would collapse. (Of course, some just celebrate Administrative Professionals Day – we think an entire week is warranted.)

If you’re looking for some smart ways to reward your administrative professionals, consider these gift ideas – they’ll go so much further than a mug or box of chocolates.

Standing desk mat

Do your admins have standing desks? While standing desks are a great remedy for back pain, an anti-fatigue mat for a standing desk goes a long way to making these desks actually comfortable. Choose the best standing desk mat for your admins.

Chair massage

Your admins work hard, and they deserve a chance to unwind in the office. That’s where Zeel Corporate Massage comes in. We bring a massage chair and top licensed massage therapist(s) to your office upon request. Just 10 minutes in a massage chair can boost mood and relieve neck and back pain. Plus, with Zeel, admins won’t have to spend valuable time setting up massage schedules – the Zeel app allows you to schedule chair massage slots and get reminders. No more admin organization work needed to set up these massages!

Professional development

It’s been a long time since this celebration was known as Secretary’s Day. Today, celebrate admins as the professionals they are by offering them the chance for further career advancement and training – whether that’s in public speaking or computer programming. (We happen to be fans of General Assembly for anything from digital marketing to graphic design.)

Paid day off

Americans don’t take nearly enough vacation time, and administrative professionals can find it difficult to step away from their many responsibilities. Give administrative professionals their choice of a paid day off to show your appreciation for all their hard work. And don’t forget to remind them to turn off their email for the day!

Tickets to a show

It helps to know your administrative pro’s preference on what show or performance they’d like to see, before booking this gift. If you don’t know for sure, ask their colleagues. Whether your executive assistant is eager to see La Traviata or WWE Smackdown, tickets to an event are a great gift.


Again, you’ll need to know preferences here – some people aren’t fans of alcohol. However, if you know that your administrative professionals would appreciate some bubbly or Chardonnay, go ahead and get them some high-end bottles. Or choose a wine subscription delivery service, like Winc.

Say thank you

A sincere thank you for a job well done is always welcome. Write a nice card or e-mail – and while you’re at it, add a gift card for anything from an in-home massage to a nice lunch at that fancy restaurant near the office. Gratitude can be the best gift of all.


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