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Are Spa Directors Ready for the Mobile-Centric Hotel Room?

Are Spa Directors Ready for the Mobile-Centric Hotel Room?

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Mobile-centric hotel rooms are on the rise in the U.S. and abroad, giving guests the ability to customize their stay with the tap of an app – everything from the temperature and lighting to room and spa services. For example, recently Amazon signed a deal with Marriott to make Alexa “a ‘virtual concierge’ in hotel rooms.”

While these upgrades are providing exciting opportunities for hotels and guests alike, they create some interesting challenges for spa directors.

Whether you’re dealing with last-minute staffing needs or you simply need a reliable management service, check out how Zeel’s Spa staffing solution can help you keep up with this ever-changing industry.

Too much of a good thing?

By personalizing a hotel room through a phone or tablet, guests are more likely to interact with a hotel’s options and services. This is far more effective than a brochure or the hotel TV channel, as it doesn’t feel like an advertisement. Instead, your spa services are now perceived as a part of the guests’ customized hotel experience.

While seemingly subtle, this change will likely increase the rate at which spa services will be requested. New business is great, but it may put a strain on your resources as a spa director, especially during high-booking periods or in the event of employee sickness. Depending on the situation, you may need to have licensed massage therapists on hand and ready to assist guests at a moment’s notice.

Last-minute staffing

With Zeel Spa’s groundbreaking spa staffing solution, licensed top massage therapists can be booked in as little as an hour in advance. This means that you’ll be ready for any surprise business peaks. No more last minute phone calls or Facebook posts, asking for help at your spa. You’ll never need to lose another appointment with this eleventh-hour service.

Massage Therapist Reliability

Data shows that massage therapists have have a high turnover rate in employment scenarios like spas, which can often make it a challenge for long-term hiring. Zeel Spa allows you to always have a backup plan, and if you like specific massage therapists, you can request them for your future business needs.

And even if your spa doesn’t experience average turnover, you’ll still have the occasional staffer take a sick day or personal day once in a while. Zeel Spa provides the always on-call massage therapist you need in a pinch – even on holidays and weekends – allowing you to recapture your lost revenue and keep your guests happy all at the same time.

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Management for mobile-centric spa services

When guests book a spa service through their app or tablet, their booking should be planned and confirmed quickly.

Zeel’s staffing solution can be integrated with your current booking software, such as That will help you streamline your fulfillment and request support via Zeel with only a couple clicks on your laptop or mobile device.

This way, you’ll be able to minimize the headache and provide a high quality of service to your guests at a moment’s notice.

Every experience matters

When it comes to mobile-centric hotel rooms, every experience matters, and this is especially true for spa services. The custom hotel is all about meeting your guests where they’re at, which requires you to be well organized and ready to act quickly.

With Zeel Spa, you have the ability to adapt to any kind of curveball the hospitality industry throws your way. As the mobile-centric fad takes over in 2018 and beyond, be excited about the opportunity for business, not stressed. Stack the deck and be prepared when you sign up with Zeel Spa today.

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