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Zeel Spa: The Ultimate Spa Staffing Solution

Zeel Spa: The Ultimate Spa Staffing Solution

A woman relaxes on a massage table as a licensed massage therapist works on the client's back.

You might think of Zeel as in home Massage On Demand® — and we are, and continue to be, the leading and largest company bringing massage to customers’ doorsteps across the US. But you might not know that Zeel is also now bringing  five-star massage therapists to top spas around the country. That’s thanks to Zeel Spa, Zeel’s innovative, award-winning spa staffing solution.

What is Zeel Spa?

The Zeel Spa platform means that spas never have to disappoint a customer again. Just as customers can book a therapist through Zeel for a massage at home, for as little as an hour in advance, spas using the Zeel Spa platform can now access the Zeel network, on demand. That means that spas can now fill appointments left vacant by sudden staff therapist absences or fulfill last-minute requests for massages at peak times.

Spa Staffing Solutions

After joining the Zeel Spa platform, spas have the option to book massage therapists to cover appointments or increase bookable massage appointments, on demand. Spas can book a single appointment to cover a last-minute callout, or reserve one or moretherapists for a period of time between 4 and 8 hours, called a Block Project®. Many spas book Block Projects for especially busy times so they can meet walk-in demand and offer additional massage slots to satisfy customer needs.

The best spa massage therapists

All massage therapists available through Zeel Spa are fully vetted, licensed, and experienced, ready to provide a great spa massage experience.

Full suite of massage offerings

Zeel Spa is part of a suite of services under the Zeel Professional platform. For hotels that don’t have spa rooms but want to be able to book massages for hotel guests, Zeel offers Zeel Concierge. And of course, Zeel brings chair massages to offices and events around the country with Zeel Corporate Wellness. Of course, Zeel’s great in home massage service is available too for massage lovers across the US.

Signing up for Zeel Spa staffing

To get started with Zeel Spa, or for more information, just send an email to or sign up directly through the Zeel Spa staffing page.


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