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Customize Your Massage Experience with Zeel’s Secret Menu

Customize Your Massage Experience with Zeel’s Secret Menu

customize your in-home massage with Zeel's secret menu

Zeel’s Massage On Demand app is intended to make the distance between you and an in-home massage as short as possible. You should never have to wait in line to get the best quality massage delivered to your residence, and you definitely shouldn’t have to drive all the way to a spa just to relax. That said, there are some other secret perks that go along with Zeel’s award-winning massage app and premium membership. Here are 11 secret menu items you can request in order to customize your in-home massage experience.

Did you know…

  • You can start face up instead of face down? Typically an in-home massage starts face-down, as the therapist works your back and shoulders. However, if you’d prefer to mix it up – or end your massage session with a particular sore area (e.g. “my shoulders are killing me”), simply let your therapist know that you’d like to start face-up instead.
  • You can play your own music during the massage? Licensed massage therapists in the Zeel network generally bring their smartphones with them and will play relaxing music during your session. However, if you’ve already curated an impressive playlist and would prefer to rock out to your favorites, feel free to set up your own ambience. It’s your home, and your massage.
  • You can extend your massage on the fly? If you’re enjoying yourself so much that you don’t want it to end, you can add 15 to 30 minutes to your in-home massage in a snap. As long as the therapist has availability after your session, no action is needed on your part (other than asking politely). They’ll just add a small charge for the extra time through the Zeel app, presto change-o.
  • You can request foot or hand massage? Typically your therapist will spend some time on all extremities, as well as your back, neck, and shoulders. However, if your feet are particularly sore, or you’re suffering from a manual malady like carpal tunnel syndrome, consider requesting 10-15 minutes of focused reflexology on your hands or feet.
  • You can ask your therapist to focus on a specific pain point? While a traditional 60-minute Swedish massage from Zeel covers virtually all parts of the body, you can request that your therapist spend more time on a specific area that’s causing you pain. Simply type this in the Notes when booking through the Zeel app, and/or mention it in-person when your therapist does an intake. (And guys, no happy ending requests.)
  • You can request that they bring sheets so you don’t have to use your own? Again, just add this to the Notes section in the Zeel app when booking.
  • You can include a scalp massage? Your therapist will typically spend some time massaging the pressure points on the back of your head and neck, but if you’re feeling like you want a dedicated treatment of scalp R&R, just ask and you shall receive.
  • You can rank and prioritize your favorite therapists? Curate your faves. By ranking therapists in the app through the “Prioritize” feature, you’re more likely to get the therapist you want. If your absolute top therapist isn’t available for that timeslot, we’ll go down the list to your 2nd best choice, and so on.
  • You can turn any Zeel modality into a couples massage? Transform any one of our core techniques (Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, sports massage, or sleep massage) into a romantic couples massage in the comfort of your own home. Do you and your partner have different tastes? Customize the experience even further by requesting a Swedish for yourself and a deep tissue for them, or a sleep massage for you and a prenatal massage for the mom-to-be.
  • You can book up to 30 days in advance? That’s right – the app that created the Massage On Demand® category is also available for booking up to a month ahead of time. So if you want to give someone the gift of relaxation on their birthday, or you know for a fact you’re going to be in need of a massage after Sunday’s workout, your wish is our command.
  • You can book a massage for a loved one? Massage is a very personal thing, and Zeel allows customization of the massage experience. You can also gift the level of personalization for friends, family, or significant others in advance – and even book it as a surprise. For a super advanced tactic, consider joining Zeel’s monthly membership, and share your massage credits that are already included on your account.

To start experiencing all the ways you can customize your massage, download the Zeel app for iPhone or Android and try out our secret menu today.

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