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Choosing Your Best Massage Technique

Choosing Your Best Massage Technique

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So you’re ready to get a massage. Great! But you might be confused by the many kinds of massages available through the Zeel app.  Here’s a quick primer on how to choose your best massage technique, along with more sources to learn more about massage.

Swedish massage

What it’s good for: Stress, headaches, immune system

A Swedish massage is one of the most relaxing massages you can get. It’s a full-body massage focused on easing aches, relieving overall tension, and boosting circulation in the body. When you’re cranky, unhappy, tired, worried about getting sick, or just want a feel-good massage, opt for a Swedish massage in the Zeel app.  Read more about the benefits of Swedish massage.

Deep tissue

What it’s good for: Targeted muscular pain, like back pain and neck pain

Pressing on sore muscles is one way to make them feel better, but sometimes you need a professional – self-massage can only do so much. That’s where a deep tissue from massage comes in. Licensed massage therapists will carefully work deeper muscles and connective tissue layers to break up knots and release tense areas. Deep tissue massage is your not-so-secret weapon against back pain, neck pain, and specific painful conditions, like tennis elbow. When you’re hurting, you don’t want to move – that’s why a mobile massage from Zeel is the right move.

Sports massage

What it’s good for: Avoiding injury, recovery, increasing physical flexibility

Sports massage is the best massage technique for you whenever you want your muscles and joints to work better.  A sports massage will typically focus on body areas under the most stress, whether that’s from injury, frequent workouts, or just stiffness.  Make sure to discuss your particular needs with your massage therapist. Of course, every treatment you book on the massage app from Zeel is customized – and this is especially the case with a sports massage. Let the therapist know if you’re a runner, tennis player, or skier for example.

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Prenatal massage

What it’s good for: Relieving pregnancy discomfort

The wonder of creating life comes with some less delightful pregnancy pain, like lower back pain, stiff neck, nausea, insomnia, and swollen legs.  A prenatal massage also called a pregnancy massage, is designed to relieve this discomfort. Keep in mind that the value of a prenatal massage doesn’t disappear after the baby is born – postnatal massages can help speed along recovery during the “fourth trimester.”

Sleep massage

What it’s good for: Resetting your sleep clock, getting better-quality sleep

Americans are sleep-deprived as a rule – which is not a good thing, as sleep is fundamental to physical and mental health. The sleep massage from Zeel is designed to promote a deeper, more restful sleep, which is useful if you’re one of the 40% of Americans suffering from a lack of sleep, or perhaps a traveler having difficulty resetting your sleep cycle.  (Find out how much you know about getting a good night of rest in our sleep quiz.)

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