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National Relaxation Day: 15 Ways to Relax Right Now

National Relaxation Day: 15 Ways to Relax Right Now

15 Ways to Relax on National Relaxation Day

August 15 is National Relaxation Day, but it’s important to factor relaxation into your life every day of the year. At Zeel, we firmly believe that mindfulness and taking care of yourself is crucial to a happy, healthy life. (In fact, that’s why we created a whole industry around on-demand massage.)

Treat yourself to some of our favorite relaxing activities and seize a moment of Zen.


How to relax…


On vacation

When travel stress gets the best of you, and you need a vacation from your vacation, build in time for a massage. Zeel will deliver an on-demand massage to your beach house, hotel, or Airbnb in over 65 major cities, anytime between 8am and 10:30pm. Experience the magic of getting a vacation massage on your next trip – we’ll massage away that airline seat stiffness.


On the way to work

Feeling stressed during your morning commute? Try these self-calming techniques to help you relax on the subway. New Yorkers, always tense in the best of time, have added commuting stress thanks to the so-called “Summer of Hell.” Start the workday fresh with meditation apps, getting lost in a good book, and even tricking your mind into enjoying that 15-minute delay on the Q train.


Before bed

If you’re struggling to fall asleep and maintain restful Zzz’s throughout the night, consider aromatherapy essential oils like lavender, Roman chamomile, valerian and cedarwood to relax the brain. You’ll not only sleep better — but you’ll also notice improved relaxation and energy throughout the week.


During wedding season

Summer isn’t always synonymous with relaxation. The warmer months are also wedding season, which means you’re attending your friends’ matrimonial occasions, or possibly even planning your own special event. (No, you’re never going to wear that bridesmaid’s dress again.) Don’t worry — here’s how to de-stress during wedding season.


When staying in a hotel

Hotels by definition are a place to get away from home, but if you’re traveling for business or with small children, it can be hard to truly unwind. That’s why we put together these 5 tips for really relaxing during your next hotel stay. (Spoiler alert: one of them involves in-room hotel massage.)


By spending time with pets

Few things make a lazy Sunday more relaxing than hanging with furry friends. But what about when you want to add an in-home massage into the mix? Do you keep your dog or cat in the house? A national survey among Zeel Massage Therapists shows that 93% don’t mind giving a massage with pets around. Your canine or feline companion will enjoy observing your deep tissue or Swedish massage — plus, you can nap together afterward.


With music

Sometimes all it takes to get into a peaceful mindset is putting on the right song. We asked our Zeel Massage Therapists what their favorite tunes are to play during massage sessions. Here’s what they recommend as the best music for relaxation.


With a helping hand from a friend

Sure, ordering an in-home massage delivered to your door is great (and we’d be happy to provide this to you 365 days a year!). But did you know that a DIY scalp massage can have similar serotonin-boosting effects? Watch this video on how to get hands-on while giving a scalp massage at home, and surprise your loved one with a relaxing head scratch.


With a 15-minute break

Fresh out of PTO? Take your vacations wherever you can find them — for example, in the middle of the day. From a power nap to meditation to going for a walk, try our favorite ways to take a mini-vacation during the hectic workday.


Through a simple change of color

Did you know that the color of your walls affects your mood? High-energy colors like orange can make you hungry, and yellow walls can make babies cry. Consider decorating with more soothing colors like blue, white, pink, green and lavender for optimum relaxation.


By getting the right amount of sleep at night

Your sleep quality and duration could be affecting your ability to relax during the day. But just how much sleep is enough? See how well you know your bedtime trivia by taking our sleep quiz. Then, consider rewarding yourself with our custom Sleep Massage developed in partnership with Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global.


By taking a breather

If you’re an entrepreneur (or any professional, really), work stress can be overwhelming. It’s important to remember to take a breather when you’re feeling swamped. We had the chance to sit down with Breather’s CEO, Julien Smith, to discuss how he relaxes and stays productive through daily meditation and other restorative tips.


During pregnancy

Relaxation is extra-vital when you’re relaxing for two. Moms-to-be can unwind with a healthy prenatal massage, at the same rate and year-round availability as any other Zeel Massage modality. However, it’s important to know the facts before booking such a massage. Learn more about pregnancy massage and see if it’s right for you.


At the office

“Work” and “relaxation” don’t exactly go hand-in-hand (that’s why they call it “work,” right?), but employee wellness is crucial for a happy and productive team. The benefits of having a corporate wellness program (including perks like regular chair massages) are numerous — including decreased stress, improved morale, and a more loyal team.


In your own home spa oasis

If you’ve made it this far in the article, you’re probably pretty well-versed in relaxation techniques by now. Take it to the next level by designing your own spa oasis right in your home — complete with a Zeel massage table, free with membership.


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